William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

end of the road + bye-bye, Zach!

It’s been a so-so end to the semester, what with the Sword of Damocles* hanging over me – papers here, exams there, stuff to think about everywhere. And the socializing! I love socializing, but it’s going to be three nights in a row. I haven’t even sat down to watch The Masters yet. Wow.

* - Upon further research, this metaphor doesn’t really fit my situation.

The plan is for me to buckle down like nobody’s business tomorrow morning and finish my Chaucer paper. My time in Chaucer and the 14th Century nearly came to an humiliating end:

* * *

dude! you **fell asleep** during the chaucer test! If I hasn't kicked your chair, you would have slept through 3/4s of it!

Did you come through okay in the end? I wanted to ask you yesterday…

AH! That explains the sudden bump in my dream! A few seconds after I woke up, I was like, "did someone kick my chair??" =) Thanks, dude! I thought it might have been you, but you looked like you were too far away. =)

I didn't know anyone else really noticed I fell asleep. Well, it started out with me just wanting to rest my eyes for a bit, especially since I had sat through ANOTHER Dr. H**** test earlier that day (Canadian English). I find the tests kind of dull, but I'm not complaining. =)

Yes, I think I came through OK - I was finished a few minutes before 3:45 and I was satisfied with what I handed in. Thanks for asking, Mike, I really appreciate it! =) You're a stand-up fellow indeed.

Your Pal,
~ Will

Yeah, I was pretty far away. At some point during the test, around 2, I noticed that the ambient noise in the room dropped a bit. So I looked around, and there you were with your head down. I was thinking, "oh man, that's rough, he's freaking out. I hope he gets it together." Around 2:10, I noticed you were still like that, and realized you were actually sleeping. I looked over to H****, who was busy marking papers, and let it slide. A couple minutes later though, i just couldn't take it anymore, so turned around and gave you chair a swift hard kick with my leg, and then went back to writing. I think it was for the best.

* * *

Yuk-yuk. Thanks, Mike! Yes, the very last class of my undergrad career, and I fell asleep. I guess that’s how I started, now that I think about it. =) We’ve come full-circle, boys and girls.

Tonight Zach (the other guy in tonight’s userpic) and his girlfriend Justine were having a party for their moving away co-mingled with birthday observances for their friend Krista. We had an interesting time finding a place where we could actually drink on Good Friday (Your Father’s Moustache was strictly enforcing the 2-drink limit as the liquor inspector was on hand to observe the proceedings.), and we did find a place, but farbeit for me to mention it and spoil things for everyone. The experience was akin to travelling in another country where nothing is open when it’s supposed to be, and the rules change in every locality.

Considering it was a holiday, the streets were buzzing, like any other generic day off. At least in Halifax, the purpose behind having special laws for Good Friday has already evaporated.

I tell people all this is nothing, though – in our area in Poland, the discos closed for Lent. All of Lent.

Just for the sake of mentioning it, Zach and Justine are moving out of one of the coolest little places I’ve ever seen. It’s a one-bedroom, but it has a really high ceiling, so there’s a permanent loft, as well as a hanging shelf, and when you come in the door you see unpainted wooden shingles. It feels like a treehouse. I love it. If I’m ever in the apartment market, I want a place like theirs!

And Zach and Justine’s friends were all so friendly, well-travelled, and worldly… a nice, sophisticated bunch. It was very nice to make their acquaintance.

And, to top all this off, I made it home in an hour tonight – an hour! (And going in was a breeze, because I just drove in with Zach.) Of course, the time savings were quashed by the fact that I stepped in a mudhole in my driveway in the dark and had to spend some minutes cleaning off my shoes upon arrival, but still! A new record may have been set!
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