William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Democratic Individualism: The Finale

This evening we attempted to hold our final Democratic Individualism class in the pub. The idea exploded in the hangar, because as soon as the professor arrived we knew that we couldn't really hear or see each other very well. Anyone who wonders why the Gorsebrook isn't opened up for coursework now has the answer. =)

As a compromise, we went back to the classroom, allowing Kristie and Patrick to give their (excellent!) presentations, then we tromped back to the pub at 5:30. Wow, did we ever have fun. I felt like I got to know everyone there just that little bit better! To top it all off, the professor from our last seminar also dropped by, and more or less bought us two more pitchers!

Fortunately, they booted us out at 9:00 - meaning that even though I was drunk then and up until a little while ago, at least I'll be able to go to class tomorrow without a quibble. In fact, I should really be going to bed soon - I have two "end-terms" on tap tomorrow.
Tags: classes, courses, democratic individualism, drinking, english, gorsebrook, honours, pubs, saint mary's

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