William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

paper times + echoes + coffee

Tonight I’m going to whip up an American Literature paper. Like everyone else who was involved, I do feel a bit like I should be preparing for the play. In another sense, though, I feel like I’ve entered a completely different world. So many things happened at once through Saturday and Sunday that, for me, before and after is like the difference between night and daylight-hurting-my-eyes.

I’m so glad classes are winding down, though to be leaving each other is almost as bittersweet as the play is – in a select few, intimate-scale courses (e.g.: Chaucer and my Honours Seminar).

Why am I glad? Well, less commuting (and when I do go in, I won’t need the 50lb. backpack and 15lb. laptop bag), less sitting around, less forced-reading (though that hasn’t been that bad this semester), and… almost more than anything else, less coffee! I shall need no more coffee to sit through Chaucer and the 14th Century! It’s a fascinating course with a learned, and very kind professor, though she has a very soft voice that lulls me to slumber.

The thing is, the caffeine completely backfires on me. It could be a Tim Horton’s thing – designer coffees may be easier on me. Right now this caffeine has driven me right back into post-party wibber jibbers that I’m only now just starting to get over!

About that, I had a great little chat with Michael B. in the Writing Centre and that really helped. He’s one of the few friendly folks I meet on Mondays and Wednesdays. I’m transcribing much of this post from saved draft text messages on my cell phone, and one of the things I wrote was, I can't wait to get home and i cant wait to get phone posting back in canada

C’mon, LiveJournal! They used to have regular plain-old local access numbers for all kinds of places in the USA, so all it was for me was a regular long-distance call to Maine (using a phone card to make it cheaper). Now they’ve replaced that with a 1-800 system… that only works in the United States. I can’t even dial it through my long distance card. Argh. So, guys, c’mon! (Props where they’re due: it was zephyrcrow who wanted to hear what a Nova Scotian sounded like (OK, I am only a sort-of half Nova Scotian, but still), and she gave me paid time, and for that I thank her again because after trying it I was hooked on the feature.)
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