William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

notes from night #8 (closing) + party!!

I never bring my laptop out on the bus, but today I’m making an exception. I’m sitting on Classic #970 now at the Village at Bayer’s Road (as the Route 80), and guess what? Yep, we had a breakdown! (This is twice in one week!) Gah, this is frustrating, especially because I was going home to eat, rest, and I’m tired and hungry, and, etc.. etc.. although there are probably people on board with more pressing concerns than mine. Next bus is in 30 minutes, and we’ll probably transfer to that. They are sending a replacement, but the transit garage is in Burnside and busses (and, more to the point, drivers) don’t just materialize out of nowhere on a sunny Sunday afternoon. (It’s a beautiful day. One for the memory banks, including this I-wish-this-was-an-April-Fools-Joke incident.)

The show tonight was smoking. We not only killed, we brought them back as zombies and killed again. The letter scene was the best it’s ever been done. Everyone in the cast experienced great reactions from the audience with just about everything they did. It was a great closing show. Everything-

LOLZ. I overheard the radio - they just asked the 80 behind us to wait (30 seconds, but it’s the principle of the thing!) at the Barrington Terminal, in order to facilitate someone else’s transfer. Um, I’m officially at the end of my rope, transit-wise. As funny as this is, this bussing it is for the birds.

* * *

They sent another bus in relatively short order, as you can tell by the fact that I only got three paragraphs completed. Horray! So I got to Mill Cove and took a cab back to my house, and the cab driver was very nice – still, if I were to start cabbing it to the bus, that would be $16 a day (almost the cost of my courses! j/k).

I was going to leave the house again at 6:40, walk the 25 minutes to the bus, and then go into town to catch <cough> WrestleMania, but I’m just way too exhausted. Reason: We partied until 5am. 5! I will elaborate more on that in a moment. Anyway, this means I’ll miss chilling with some of the guys from the play, but it also means I’ll get to eat a proper meal here (turkey dinner) and get some sleep. I haven’t been following the plots lately anyway, and I care much more about great wrestling matches (if there are any) than I do about who gets their head shaved or which centerfold is appearing in a pillow fight or any of that junk. I wish wrestling was classier; I hate being embarrassed to admit that I’ve ever been a fan. Shawn (Sir Toby Belch) is the man, he wears his (carefully chosen and classy!) wrestling shirts with pride. He and some of the other guys in the play also really know the history of it all – I’ve listened to them talk backstage, and they were so well versed that it was a conversation I had no hope of participating in. More to the point, it would be bucketloads of fun to watch with them, but tonight it just can’t happen.

* * *

Back to the performance. It killed. We were all so comfortable, so at ease with our roles! We were all able to cover for anything – it felt like nothing could go really wrong! It was all so good that it seems a shame to be stopping the show now. I’m just now at the point where I feel like I’m hitting a consistent stride. And yet it’s over.

Immediately after the show, I shaved my beard. Ouch ouch ouch. Amusingly, Sam was like, “Oh! Now I recognize you from the other play! You were great!” LOLZ and thanks, Sam. She’s referring to 2004’s Murder for One.

Post-show was incredibly confusing for me, probably because I was bringing more complication into the situation with shaving: my jacket got locked up in the costume room, but that all ended OK and the details aren’t worth getting into. We walked up to the party, which took place at a certain fraternity with a basement that brings together the best features of a billiards hall, a bar, and the locker room at your local rink. Thanks again to Mike and Darcy for being so hospitable – and hospitable they were!

The party in some ways exceeded my wildest dreams. In other ways, it was frustrating because there was just so much going on that I kind of got lost. At several points during the night, I found myself standing alone in the antechamber because I couldn’t handle the sensory overload.

It was so great to have so many people together, so close, and so happy. It was a rare, rare thing. And that I’ll always remember.

In other ways, though, I’d like to forget this party. I got so drigh so quickly that I kind of lost my self-consciousness and let loose. Unfortunately, for me “letting loose” can mean becoming less social, especially as socializing for me is a pleasant and somewhat technical task, not an instinct. I also feel doubly embarrassed because I’ve come to know these people through Saint Mary’s. It shouldn’t make a huge difference, but in a way it does – I would be far less mortified if the party had gone down among high school friends. And then there are certain people that, rightly or wrongly, I really care about “impressing” (whatever that means) and parties like this don’t exactly help the cause. However, I can at least take comfort in the knowledge that with so many people thinking back on what they did themselves, they won’t have any time left to think about me! =)

And this is without mentioning that I have less to be mortified about than some, especially a certain someone whom we found to be wearing bright white boxer briefs. =)

So what happened after the party? Well, I found myself walking away wearing Marek’s coat and walking to his place. Say what you will about Marek, at the end of the day he’s a stand-up guy. He really helped me out, in his own unique way. We had some fun screwing around on MSN this morning – he’d record us speaking without my knowledge, then beam it over to Jaymee, André, and Sam’s eager ears. This was all happening when my embarrassment was at its peak, but I think we all need to be mortified once in a while. I walk around carrying too much pride as it is; I can afford to risk losing a little.

And right now I think it’s time to get my ducks in a row and be ready to go to sleep immediately after supper, as unhealthy as that is. See you soon! Let me know if you find any good April Fool’s jokes – I haven’t really seen any yet.
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