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notes from night #5

- It was an acceptable performance all around. I wouldn't call it a particular standout, but it was probably the best night so far to tape (and, they did tape it!) - things were as stable as much as they were subdued.

- I was booed by many audience members for my curtain call. As much as this is a breakthrough for my character, I'm not sure how I feel about it. =) It's hard to avoid the temptation of playing Malvolio as an almost likable character.

- There were a few scenes tonight where it just felt like things were on cruise control. We're well beyond the point where we can go through our lines without even really thinking about them, and this means that it's really easy to shut one's brain off on stage. I often catch myself doing unspeakable things like making eye contact with audience members or approaching a monologue with an awkward cadence. But maybe this was because I only had a few hours of sleep yesterday morning.

- Tonight's jail scene went particularly well. The only problem is that I tend to be looking directly at Julie and Kurts (our Festes) as if I can see them, and I'm supposed to be in total darkness. I try to look as bewildered and unsure as possible, but it's tricky. To my chagrin, I caught myself with chewing gum in my mouth again - which was promptly swallowed before I came to have to say anything.

- I didn't have a particularly memorable Act 5. The problem is that my fellow cast members expect this brief, grandiose performance, and I do deliver one sometimes, but it's by fluke, not by design. I didn't let my last line travel as far as the front row before I had myself turned and walking back upstage. I pin it all down to fatigue. Tonight I'm going to get a better night's sleep, and put out a better show tomorrow.

- I usually think of one or two new subtle things to add to every show, and in that sense I wish we were playing for another few weeks, but in another sense I'm somewhat exhausted and anxious for everything to be over. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, though! (Soon after that, there's a new tunnel. Big mountain range here to get through.)
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