William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

St. Catherine's Day 2007

Krista and Will
Originally uploaded by blue_william.
Well, well! I've finally uploaded the photos from Catherine's birthday party on St. Patrick's Day. It was a great night for everyone.

I've also uploaded some pictures of me and my Ukrainian buddies fishing at the nuclear power plant in Netishyn, Ukraine (Lindsay requested I make those available - she's working on a special project) - so at this rate, 2 sets in 8 months, expect my Ukraine trip to be completely photo-documented by 2025! =) j/k No, really, I'll get to it seriously as soon as school lets out.

Tonight I'm testing out a new app called flickurbook - it's really choppy and somewhat buggy (it's only meant to be a proof-of-concept), but right now it's the only way to beam your flickr photos to Facebook. I recommend checking it out; it's re-uploading photos from Catherine's party as we speak. It's sloooow, but at least it saves some manual labour.

Update: Actually, no, it doesn't. It copies the filenames instead of the descriptions into the caption field and, worse, the pictures are small. Like postage-stamp-small. What gives?! Don't tell me I have to upload those pics and do all the tagging all over again. Bah, forget that! =)
Tags: canada corps, facebook, family, fishing, flickr, friends, netishyn, nuclear energy, parties, photos, travel, ukraine

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