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notes from night #2

Up way too late. Just made a Facebook group for Twelfth Night. We’ll see how that goes. I was inspired to do it while standing at the bus stop tonight. I was feeling great, so so great! Oh, and on the bus I met someone who was studying a Scottish Gaelic grammar book! Well! We had a great conversation – in English, of course: my Gaelic-learning days are so far behind me that I can’t spell ‘ceilidh’ without a dictionary.

How was tonight’s show? Well, it was OK. I think the opening night was more consistent, but tonight had its own special moments. We seemed to have a really tough crowd, and it looked like there were a lot of older folks in the audience.

Still, we came out of Act 2 thinking, “Great! Now we’ve got them! They were laughing and everything!”

Thankfully, Alli and Emily waited until the end of the show to divulge that they were sitting in the stands and laughing in the appropriate places, in an attempt to get the crowd going. =)

So that being said, I’m not going to brag about between-scene applause, because it was probably Alli and Emily! =) Oh, thank goodness they were there for moral support. We were fighting an uphill battle almost all the way. We dropped the ball quite badly in the long final scene of Act 1, and said ball was tossed to me, and my sleep-deprived skull was like, “uh… uh…” and I ended up going with what line I was tossed, which meant skipping at least a page of dialogue, and the funniest jokes in the scene. It was painful for all of us, but we recovered well enough. And we won’t flub that scene, again, that’s for sure!

I think I got into my character more tonight, which really helped some of my parts along. Still, there were moments when I was sluggish on my cues (I think now it’s much better to be a little too early than to be even the littlest bit late, and I will now err on the side of “early.”) – all this isn’t helped by our venue, which is as modern and chic as it gets, but one that underwent a renovation to be this way with little heed paid to its theatrical requirements. Without getting into details, the distances between where you wait and where you enter are ridiculously long, and you have to be in character on this journey because the audience can see you.

So I had these sublime character moments, but again the lack-of-sleep thing probably compromised me in subtle ways, and tonight (OK, this morning) I intend to sleep in. Sorry, American Literature! I’ll shower at my leisure (no need to do it before home care gets here for Paul), and get in rested, refreshed, relaxed, and totally ready.

Sheesh, time to get on that. Getting home at 12:30 these nights really throws me out of whack, because there’s all this stupid stuff I feel like I have to do. Well, now to sleep!

Your Pal,
~ Will (Malvolio)
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