William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

party in Peerless; daylight savings suggestion

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever come home this knurd. I think I owe that to the party of the evening being but a ten minute walk away. I mean, WTF?? I gotta make more cool-a** friends like Brittany (not to be confused with the other totally cool-a** Brittany in the play) who live practically next door. Who knew, huh? That was the easiest party-commute I’ve ever had. It was so cool not having to worry about how I was going to get home. Like, really guys.

I spent most of today watching Borat, doing laundry, and memorizing lines. I had a lot more fun memorizing stuff here at home in privacy in front of a mirror than I did at the Dockside Dining Hall, so I think I’ll try to exert my memorizing efforts more at home now. I cringe every time our director, Glenn, admonishes us about doing stuff at home because I basically never have until now. I’m such a slacker. Ye gads.

Ah, but no more. This is a critical time for getting my ducks in a row and applying for s***. I think I can get what I need; it’s just a matter of trying sometimes and maybe finding. Having lots of glasses of wine in my hand ironically helped me make the connection.

Oh! And I want to give about a million gagillion thanks to Julie, not just because she is one of the classiest femmes I have ever met, but also for inviting me to this wonderful shindig. How many girls can be Greek and Geek goddesses simultaneously? Few but Julie.

Anyway, maybe I’d better just watch the rest of Borat, have a bready snack, and hit the sack. I’ve got to meet Glenn at noon, which means I have to leave the house before 10:30, and I’m losing an hour of precious, precious sleep tonight. Man, why can’t we just keep gaining an hour at every time change? Sure, eventually it would be dark during the “day” and bright during the “night,” but what of that? If it please the eye of me, it is with me as the very true sonnet is, “please me,” and… um… OK, enough with the obscure quotes. Anyway, eventually it would be day at night and night at day, so then we’d just gain another 12 hours and put things back to rights. It would be a Universal Siesta. Wouldn’t that be great? If you want one, vote Will in 2014!

Your Pal,
~ Will
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