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no Games for Halifax; FF:U and memories of anime

Well, I’m having a nice, lazy start to my weekend. Jaymee will kill me if I go on too much like this, so I guess it’s time to get my act together and make something of the time ahead of me. It sure felt good to kick back carefree for a bit, though.

It looks like the 2014 Commonwealth Games won’t be coming to Halifax, as Canada has withdrawn its bid, mostly because of the obscene multi-billion* dollar price tag. I have this funny feeling of sadness combined with relief. I think Halifax is a world-class small city that needs to be hosting more of these kinds of marquee events, but this particular event, and especially the way it would have been implemented, may have meant biting off a lot more than we could chew.

* - Of course, we’re talking standard billions, not British billions. I’m sure my UK friends would agree, though, that 1,200 million dollars is a lot of money.

The worst thing for me was that we weren’t going to host rowing (and a few other events we’re good at) as one of our optional sports. Um, Lake Banook, people? Our world-class training facilities and Canada’s traditional success in this sport? Apparently other considerations, such as the Empire Commonwealth-wide television audience, have come into play. And what the heck is Netball?

The departure of the games, though, gives us two new things to think about: 1) When are we going to get a proper stadium? Will the departure of the games hurt our chances at getting a CFL franchise? 2) I think the Shannon Park Fast Ferry will be scrapped (with no Games or athlete’s village for it to serve), but maybe the hypothetical resources from this could be diverted to a ferry that serves the Northwest Arm. Honestly, that Shannon Park Ferry would have been a ghost town, unless we’re talking about getting people from Dartmouth to drive there in order to use it. Look at the Jean-Drapeau station of the Montreal Metro - built for Expo 67, it’s now the 52nd busiest out of 65 stations.

It’s telling that I got the news of this development from the ticker on Rogers Sportsnet at 1:30am this morning. I didn’t read it in a blog – none of my friends mentioned it on their journals – it didn’t even hit Facebook! Huh? I guess maybe it’s just as well we didn’t get the games, since this has become such a non-story.

* * *

I’ve just started watching this unintentionally amusing anime series, Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It’s a little bit on the juvenile side, but I can’t help liking it. I keep smiling at all the subtle Final Fantasy cues built into the storyline and music. Some of the dialogue stretches credulity: “The appropriate soil to use against you has been decided!” Oh, by the way, if you don’t understand Japanese, like me and 99.99999999999% of the people viewing this post (and if all you remember from magna is “STOP! You’re reading the wrong way!!”), watch with subtitles, because the English dubbing tends to toss out unimportant details that couldn’t fit with the mouth movements.

It looks like the library only has the first two volumes of the DVD collection for this series, so I may have to take myself to – egad! – a rental store to finish the show. Augh! So it’ll probably be 10,000 years before I see the rest of the show.

The last anime series I really followed to any extent was Dragon Ball Z (now we’re really talking juvenile, but it was on TV and therefore easy to watch), but it was seriously inane. You’d watch an episode, and literally nothing would happen but explosions and posturing, and maybe some grunting. (“Oh NOES, Freeza is going to blow up the planet in TEN MINUTES!! What will Goku do?!” Two weeks and ten weekday episodes later: “Oh NOES, Freeza is going to blow up the planet in FIVE MINUTES!! What will Goku do?!”) So you can see how the novelty kind of wore off on me after about a month of that.
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