William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
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Made it back today, went to rehearsal, ate at Subway with Jaymee, then went to Mike's Oscar party. So I'm just getting settled back in the house now. Here in Halifax it's at least 5 degrees warmer and significantly less blustery than eastern PEI. It looks like we might even get Spring back in a few weeks. Meanwhile, if I were to go biking on PEI in late May or early June, I would be hiking my bike over snowdrifts on the Confederation Trail. I've had to do it before!

It turned out Ila never did go to bed last night; she lay on the couch all night with the TV muted. Oh, boy...

We have a cat. I met him tonight; he was sitting on my bed. So now my sheets are covered with cat hair. ARGH. Not what you want to see coming home at 2 in the morning.

Picked up a letter postmarked from Chełmno today! I think it's Kinga returning my reference papers, but I won't know for sure just yet because 1) there is no return address and 2) I'm not supposed to open the envelope containing the teaching reference, and so I can't risk assuming she put an envelope within the envelope. I sent her an e-mail to double-check.

Oh, the cat's here. He's cute, I guess. Or is it "she?" (Update: His name is Dexter.) I just absolutely do not like pet hair on my sheets and clothes. I'm spoiled staying with Aunt Shirley and Uncle Shane, because they never have pets except when other relatives bring them over ("Sit down, Cocoa! Lie down, Cocoa! Behave, Cocoa!" ... "That's a GOOD GIRL!" =) Heather thought I hated animals, which isn't fair, I just don't particularly like being in close physical or sensory contact with them. =)

OK, time to get that linguistics journal done, and find someplace else to sleep, since my bed is off-limits until I can find new sheets.
Tags: cats, family, friends, fussiness, pets, weather

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