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PEI departure

Well, it’s just about time for me to leave PEI for the time being, so I guess an update is in order. It’s been a pretty quiet week, excepting Jenna’s party, which has been written and Facebooked about (check the photos of me there once you log in – they’re in “tagged by others”) and milked for all it’s worth – as it should be! =)

Dad and Melaney gave me an obscene amount of money for making some very minor updates to their website… Gee, maybe I should do that on the side when I finish school. I have a computer and most of the tools I’d need. But I tend to make boring web pages. Friends like ace_44 have the graphical skillz required to make a real go of such a thing. I’m just a dilettante.

My little sisters are here tonight, and Ila got into my caffeine-enriched Mountain Dew Fuel, so she’s still awake and watching Treehouse with Uncle Shane at 10:30pm. Yikes. She had a great big glass of it too (soda on PEI generally comes in 750ml glass bottles – a personal-size soda is only a 355ml glass bottle, not a conventional 20-oz / 591ml plastic bottle, so we usually buy a 750, which yields several glasses), and drank most of it before Aunt Shirley intervened. 8-year-olds and energy drinks don’t mix.

Naturally, I needed the drink to get some schoolwork done, and I’m – thank God – finished now.

Most of my schoolwork was fairly typical, but there was one task-from-hell which helped set the tone for my entire week here. I dreaded it before doing it, I dreaded preparing for it, I dreaded that I might not be able to finish it… and it is not without irony that the essay of focus was Emerson’s “Self-Reliance.” (I should also mention that while we are preparing to write three unique exam-length essays in class on Tuesday, we will only actually write two. Yes, we are being forced to over-prepare. At first I thought he was joking.)

I’m sure I’ll thank the professor later for it, but for now I think this chat I had with my buddy (name and screenname omitted) in the seminar sums things up nicely:

Session Start (willmatheson@hotmail.com:Pal): Sat Feb 24 20:30:16 2007
[20:30] Pal: how's the break going?
[20:30] Will: Souris: good... @&(%&( <last name of professor>
[20:30] Pal: hahah
[20:30] Pal: I'm with you.
[20:30] Will: Souris: just got the last question to finish now
[20:30] Pal: nice.
[20:30] Pal: I'm still reading.
[20:30] Will: Souris: fuck, that first one was fuck fuck fucking heard
[20:30] Will: Souris: *hard
[20:30] Will: Souris: see, I can't think straight
[20:31] Pal: Spent the first half of the break in Ontario, not realizing that the midterm was based on NEW readings.
[20:31] Will: Souris: LOL
[20:31] Pal: yeah.
[20:31] Pal: bad news for me.
[20:31] Pal: when did you start then?
[20:31] Will: Souris: Days ago.
[20:31] Pal: shit. Dont tell me that.
[20:31] Will: Souris: In little spurts.
[20:31] Will: Souris: Anyway, aside from THAT, it's been a good week - how was yours?
[20:32] Pal: good. Very good until this crap today.
[20:32] Pal: haha
[20:32] Pal: are you back in Hali yet?
[20:32] Pal: Oh, and did he specify in class how long (time-wise) the midterm is?
[20:35] Will: Souris: The ENTIRE class.
[20:35] Pal: seriously?
[20:35] Will: Souris: Two-and-a-half-hours of FUN, baby!
[20:35] Pal: ...that's got to be against some rule, somewhere.
[20:35] Will: Souris: LOL
[20:35] Will: Souris: The whole thing is fucking insane.
[20:35] Pal: That's taking advantage of the fact that it's a once-a-week class.
[20:36] Will: Souris: Anyway, it'll be the end of everything I have to do for him until the term paper
[20:36] Pal: I've still got the presentation too.
[20:36] Will: Souris: And we get a two-week lead-in to that with no classes
[20:36] Pal: This class is going to be the death of me. I thought Post-Humanism was bad.
[20:36] Will: Souris: Well, at least the PRE-sen-tash-uns are less arduous than in PH.
[20:36] Pal: haha
[20:36] Pal: true.
[20:37] Pal: alright, I'll let you get back to it. Enjoy what little break is left.
[20:37] Will: Souris: Thanks, you too!
[20:37] Pal: thanks.
[20:37] Pal: later man.
[20:37] Will: Souris: l8tr
[20:40] Pal: alright, one last question. Sorry.
[20:40] Pal: How long are you planning for each essay?
[20:40] Pal: You're ahead of me at this point.
[20:41] Will: Souris: Hmm... I dunno, definitely the lion's share on the first one... #2 or #3 probably will only come out to two pages or so
[20:41] Will: Souris: I'm not worried about length so much as just completely addressing the questions
[20:41] Pal: So you're not writing out the full thing to prepare then.
[20:42] Will: Souris: No. We're not even supposed to.
[20:42] Pal: yeah, I sometimes do, and then just take my notes from the essay – gives me a good idea of what to write in the exam.
[20:42] Pal: But yes, you make a good point. As long as the issue is fully addressed.
[20:42] Will: Souris: Power to ya - I think that's too much work =)
[20:42] Pal: haha
[20:42] Pal: me too, at this point.
[20:43] Will: Souris: I've got 2.5 hours to compose, I might as well use them there
[20:43] Pal: good point
[20:43] Pal: alright, back to the grindstone.
[20:43] Pal: thanks.
[20:43] Will: Souris: np!

Session Close (Pal): Sat Feb 24 23:04:32 2007

So this year, I was a good little student and used my Reading Week for legitimate purposes. The price I had to pay for this was xtr33m3 boredom, punctuated only by the excitement of the Scott Tournament of Hearts and watching PEI come from being only mathematically involved in the playoffs, winning five games in a row, and finishing fourth after a bunch of tie-breakers. Man, curling rocks, pardon the pun.

See you on the other side!

Your Pal,
~ Will
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