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PEI part 2

Last night I drove myself to Charlottetown for Jenna’s party. From the 7 Mile Road to Cherry Valley, it was all blowing snow, slippery patches, and white-outs. Scary!

But I’m really glad I braved the conditions, because it was a great party! It was a little bit awkward at first because I was one of only two people there not wearing a deliberately tacky 80’s dress, and I was the only male. But Jenna made it easy for me to break the ice with everyone and her friends were wicked-cool. Good times, good times.

We had Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II going, and now I’ve got Boston’s “More than a Feeling” stuck in my head. Speaking of music, I drove back to Souris this morning listening to an Electric Light Orchestra compilation – man, these guys just have one hit after another! (And apparently the most Top 40s without a #1.) It was good to have that to rock out to while the eighteen-wheeler in front of me on Highway 2 gave my windshield a generous coating of grime while we coasted at 85 km/h.

Jenna’s roommate Marijka totally 0wn3d Guitar Hero. She was something to watch. She also made us a huge breakfast with pancakes, toast, bacon, and cantaloupes. When we first awoke, she brought us a pitcher of water with lemon. I don’t mean to commodify women by any stretch of the imagination, but Marijka is a total babe.

Oh, and memo to self: don’t drink five 6% Moosehead Dry Ices one after the other. I went up to use their washroom at 7am, already feeling quite weak in the stomach, and I got up there and that went OK, but then the next thing I remember is waking up on the floor draped against the edge of their bathtub, and my arm hurts for some reason. It must have happened suddenly, because my nepo llits saw ylf! It was that that made me reconsider the wisdom of just remaining on the bathroom floor for the rest of the morning, and I somehow got back downstairs and back into bed. I still had momentary instances of nausea until about 10:30. I guess I’m not 19 anymore – I never had hangovers then! On the plus side, I didn’t have a headache – maybe something else was making me sick. As if.

I also met this really cool girl named Laura who wants to be a mortician. She only tried to stab me about three times. I guess you had to be there. I imagine Jenna and her crew will have the other highlights on Facebook soon. I didn’t want for my camera.

Tonight I’m going to try to get that chapter of my psychology textbook read, and I also need to work on my father’s website. I’d better hurry, because Aunt Shirley wants to rent a movie tonight. Lisa just MSN’d me from her parent’s home in Ontario, asking about preparations for the Democratic Individualism exam on Tuesday. Keener! Keener! =) It’s a relief to hear that she hasn’t started, and neither have I. Dear Dr. H___, we have lives, K THX. =)

Your e-Buddy,
~ Will
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