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PEI arrival; jobs; Flickr flickering

I finally finished that essay for Dr. Heckerl last night at 3am. The shuttle left the Sunnyside Restaurant in Bedford at 7:40am, so sleep was out of the picture. In fact, I’m still wearing the same clothes I wore on the final election night, right down to my socks. I’m definitely ready for a shower and a snooze. (Jaymee offered to print out my essay for me if I e-mail it to her, and I think I’m going to take her up on that. Thanks! Now that’s two I owe her. =)

The journey here by shuttle van was uneventful except that we skipped Summerside and arrived in Charlottetown about 30 minutes early. Unfortunately, that didn’t do us much of a service as we waited in the cold by the Burger King drive-thru for our individual rides, which in many cases were still (surprise!) 30 minutes away. Brrr. When Uncle Shane came, we went to the Farmer’s Market where Dad had his new truck set up for selling lamb.

Later on, we all went swimming at the pool at UPEI – man, that place is sweet. Ila and Rae (my little sisters, ages 8 and 5 respectively) even jumped off the high dive! (It took me a few more seconds than they to work up the courage.) Anyway, look out SMU, because UPEI has way better fitness facilities, although I suppose they have more of a mandate to serve the city and province in general than SMU does.

We ran into acquaintances of Uncle Shane almost everywhere we went in Charlottetown. If, God forbid, you ever want to remain anonymous and live a day without running into people you know, PEI is not the place for you.

* * *

It's time to start thinking about summer employment. I have three broad options:

1 - Come to PEI. There's a 99.9% certainty that the job would be in the service industry, not to mention minimum wage, but here I have access to a vehicle and no living expenses. It might still be a good way to save money, especially if I can start in April or May instead of June. There's a tourism career expo in Charlottetown on the 22nd, and I may go. Oh, I love that feeling - I may go. I can just hop in Aunt Shirley or Grandma's car and go. Damn, I miss my car.

2 - Stay in Bedford. Moving into Halifax isn't really an option unless I want to spend the next ten years saving for a $10,000 down payment on my B.Ed. (or whatever I do next). But neither is getting a car, for many of the same reasons. I might get help on the insurance from Mom and Paul, but another car will be a huge money pit at a time when I can least afford it.

This means I'm limited to jobs within walking distance of my house, so I don't go crazy trying to get myself to work on time. Remember, it's a 25-minute walk just to get to my bus stop. Fortunately, there is an industrial park right on my doorstep. Unfortunately, the HR departments for these same places are often in the city, so just walking up and down Bluewater Road with a pile of résumés won't be as effective as it should be. =)

3 - Grande Prairie! My old Canada World Youth host parents still live there (Dwight would be finishing his term as Alderman), and Cedrick's up there, too! If Dwight and Carol could accommodate me, I'd be able to save a few dollars, especially since jobs that pay $8 or $9 per hour here could pay $15 up there. Plus, Grande Prairie is almost on the way to Vancouver. =)

I think all three of these options could be made to work, and I'd be more or less happy with any of them. So it's time to spread the net and see what happens!

* * *

It looks like Prince Edward Island schools have decided to block Flickr from their networks. It’s comical because Uncle Shane’s meticulously organized travel slides are no longer accessible from the high school where he teaches. It’s sad because other local photography and community events afficionadoes (for instance, Waldron Leard) have their photographs blocked, too – including his coverage of varsity athletics. Anyway, it looks like several teachers are clamouring for the IT and administrative guys to go back on this, especially as it’s hurting school-community communication.

Now, if they were cutting Facebook
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