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2007 SMUSA Executive Election & Student Referenda Results

Courtesy fantasyecho!

I. SMUSA Executive Election Results

The comments next to some candidates are just casual comments and do not imply any endorsement, or who I voted for, or anything of the sort. I'm just trying to add stories to the names.

VP Internal:
Julie Thompson - 101 (also from the Twelfth Night cast! ... we do better at the box-office than the ballot box! =)
Scott MacPhail - 230
Jen Schwartz - 385
Mani Itiveh - 435
Chris MacDougall - 525

VP External:
Will Matheson - 47 (that's almost one vote per poster!)
Robert Hingley - 60
Holly Underhill - 117
Chris Mercer - 119
Maureen Kimanis - 149
Andrew Seymour - 270
Ali Sing - 401 (I met him last semester while we were both in the computer lab at 2am working on assignments - he's from UAE and speaks six languages!)
Matt Risser - 546 (A poli-sci veteran with oodles of experience.)

VP Academic:
(Michael Broadfield, also in Twelfth Night, had dropped out of the race.)
Joe Power - 293
Courtney Schaller - 627
Rhys MacDonald - 645 (We could see a recount here.)

Jean Brunet - 128
Joe Doherty - 162
Bradley Farquhar - 492
Mitch Gillingwater - 845 (Our current VP Academic.)

II. Student Referenda Results

Journal Fee:
YES - 740
NO - 800 (The Journal requested a fee increase from $4 to $7. I kind of feel sorry for them. However, to say that their fee (was) one of the lowest in the country and that they've never increased it was slightly misleading. Prior to 2001-02, there was no Journal fee, although the Journal did receive funding directly from SMUSA. Since there was no corresponding decrease in student fees at that time, it's hard to truthfully say, "We've never increased (the fee).")

Dental Plan:
NO - 446
YES - 1030 (So next year, unless you can provide proof of equivalent coverage, you'll be ushered into our dental plan for the low, low price of $78. Actually, it's not bad, since cleaning plus x-rays usually takes you over $100, it'll pay for itself after - at the very most - two visits to the dentist, and you should be going to the dentist every six months anyway.)

Someday When I Grow Up™ I'll get a Real Job™ and not have to shell out my own money for things like health and dental plans. Someday!
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