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So how did things go tonight?

Well, I think I finished eighth, in an eight-horse race. That's OK. I had barely any posters up and put together my "campaign" at the last minute. When I left, Matt Risser was in the lead by a substantial margin, which suits me fine because in my opinion he was the most qualified candidate anyway.

The other races were quite a bit closer - when I left the bar to catch the bus, the leaders were: Mitch for President, Courtney for Academic, and Chris MacDougal for Internal. One or two of those could still flip or has already. I suppose since all the ballots are in the boxes, the result is cast in stone; it's just a long, laborious process of interpreting it!

I learned a lot from this experience, especially from the debates. A lot of people talked to me about my performance there, which was immensely gratifying. I also had pockets of support, if I may be so presumptuous to infer this, from people involved in English and Drama, but at a business-focused school like Saint Mary's we're not exactly the majority! =)

Anyway, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I'm glad I stuck my neck out and got the chance to hear from so many people. I couldn't believe how many people I barely knew or knew years and years ago (this doesn't bode well for the idea of finishing university quickly, does it?) came out of the woodwork and told me they were voting for me. It wasn't enough to face down the juggernauts of the race, but it meant a lot to me. And whether you were vocal about it or not, I really thank you for your support. In voting for me, you were sticking your neck out too.

And if you see Jaymee before I do, give her a great big hug and say something like, "Thank you so much for being Will's scruitneer!"

* * *

The Journal ran a spread yesterday of what each candidate said during the debates. For the curious, here's what they said about me:

"Following the VP Academic candidates were those for VP External. These candidates had to be divided into two groups of four, and were asked two different questions. Matt Riser [sic - geez, no wonder we voted "No" to their fee increase...], Will Matheson, Holly Underhill, and Robert Hingley were in the first heat. The panel asked this group for their strategy to convince (the) federal government to make a direct transfer for education.

"Will opened with his concern for off-campus students, and intentions to lower tuition and increase co-op program opportunities. He used very big words that seemed to baffle some of the students in attendance.
[emphasis mine] Will responded to the panel's question by saying that he would convince decision makers that it makes economic sense to follow through with the direct transfer. He also mentioned that there should be increased communication in order to see what works best with which governments. He closed with his opinion that SMUSA executives are do-it-all types, recalling a time when a SMUSA representative [actually Chris Richards, 2003-04 VP External - a really cool guy!] acted as an impromptu mechanic on a road trip. He restated his intention to increase co-op opportunities, and said that he would "make things as obvious as possible." [I really meant that (for the price of admission, it's the least we can do), but it came out awkwardly, as you can see. I'm glad this reporter didn't run her earlier quip, "I don't know if I should be offended by..."]

Generally, I expect more from an erudite, established-in-1935 newspaper with a Rhodes Scholar as editor-in-chief than a complaint that I use "big" words. =)

* * *

One of the unique peculiarities of my living situation is the epic, daily journey from the bus stop to my house. When it gets dark and icy, like tonight, it's even more interesting.

I had had a few draughts of Mr. Keith's India Pale Ale back at the Gorsebrook (where all of us candidates were gathered to watch the results come in), so I was pretty much on auto-pilot, and it's a miracle I didn't fall. Anyway, as I'm going by someone's lawn, two huge deer spring into action, scaring the bebejus out of me. Then, a ginormous, irate, barking dog lunges towards the pavement on the other side of the road. Augh! Fortunately, the owner was close behind, but didn't reply when I said, "Oh, there's* some deer out here." The owner was probably wondering what the heck a solitary walker was doing on the Hammonds Plains Road at 12:15 in the morning.

* - (Yes, that should have been "there're" or (better) "there are," but I was only born in 1982 and so do not have to adhere to strict journalistic standards when I'm frightened out of my wits.)

* * *

I got the PlayStation / USB adapter in the mail today! So now I can play, say, the PC version of Final Fantasy VII, or even good ol' Stunts (basically THE game of the DOS-era as far as I was concerned) with my PlayStation controllers. Or so I hope. For $13, I couldn't go wrong in trying.

Oh! Jaymee's got the election results, but I'll put them in a table in a new post.

Your pal,
~ Will
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