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haircut? / forum stuff

My buddy Colin just called and offered me a free haircut from his girlfriend, who works at a salon. He figured it could help out with my campaign for VP External. Thanks, man! Naturally I couldn't accept because I'm in the play and the director would probably have kittens. I'm not supposed to shave my beard, either. So I'm pretty much stuck this way for at least another month. =) It's a good thing I like things the way they are.

There's a topic up on the SMUSA forums about the candidate's debates. I can't post yet, because I'm still waiting for my confirmation e-mail or some such thing, but I just want to say that I'm oddly proud of being described as, "Talked alot about off campus students. Wants to lower tuition, work on co-op programs. Used lots of huge words that probably confused most of the students present." C'mon, we're in university, people! =) I think we can assume that most students have a reasonably rarefied vocabulary by this point, can't we?
Tags: debates, elections, forums, friends, haircuts, language, politics, smusa, vp external

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