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buildings on fire and a keyboard that isn't

Tonight I'm trying to write a short paper about E. E. Cummings.

writes like,
he. this.

started getting,
hard is the reason
it's procrastination season
February. Cold.

There was a fire somewhere in Heather's building tonight. It sounds like it's under control; the fire crews advised everyone there to stay put due to the elevated smoke in the halls and stairwells. She's on the fourth floor and handy trees, although her elderly client might have a bit of trouble if worse comes to worse! Anyway, those were a comical few phone calls. And I may, just may, be off the hook about the emergency roommate business, too. Much as I would like to move out for a bit, I just can't afford to plunk down a hefty deposit and then pencil in a 30+ hour-a-week job between school and the play, not to mention my shot at VP External. =)

Speaking of, I did get my posters finished - ummm... in fact, maybe I'd suggest not downloading the ones from my website - not that anyone is. On my notebook in Word XP they looked fine, but on the campus computers with Word 2003 my carefully-chosen fonts turned into circus poster lettering. By the time I got everything finished for the day, it was too late to stamp them. They'll be stamped tomorrow morning, and I'll go around after my Honours seminar (when it's quiet) and put them up. Maybe their sudden appearance will get people talking. =)

Uh-oh. Apparently some folks are getting hurt by the smoke. And now the elevator's on fire. Or maybe we can assume that only the elevator was ever on fire.
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