William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

the official campaign kick-off!

Today was the all-candidates meeting for the SMUSA executive elections. There are a lot of people running this year, including at least eight for VP External Affairs alone.

So how am I going to stand out among the crowd? Especially right now when I've got the play, Heather, school, and B.Ed. applications (to the three schools that are still accepting them!) on my plate. Well, I'll find a way somehow. Necessity is a great driver. If I can survive the next two weeks, I'll be fine. (Oh, and Julie wants to audition for Triple Sensation with me. Stuff, stuff, stuff!)

I had a small, appreciative crowd for my birthday. It looked like a lot of people were busy that night, so we did OK.

Looks like the Colts are about to win the Superbowl. Well, this post should really be about the election, so here goes. You don't even have to wait for Wednesday to read my blurb:

I’m running for VP External because I would relish the opportunity to promote Saint Mary’s and liaise with government groups on the great issues we face. I want to leverage my experience and make it work for you!

Tuition is soaring, and it’s more of a challenge than ever to pay your way. Worse, working limits the time for studies and extra-curricular activities, which maximize your experience. I intend to remind our governments that we can no longer afford to neglect post-secondary education. We’ve made progress, but there’s more to be done.

As many of you experience every day, living any great distance off-campus is a burden and I’d like to see if we can discover more creative ways to assist off-campus students.

I know I have a lot to gain from each and every one of you – I know you’re filled with fresh, innovative ideas! I eagerly await them!

Also, the campaign website, when it's live, will be at willmatheson.com/vpexternal. It's not ready yet, but I'll alert you when it is. I'll have a few posters ready to go tomorrow for stamping and posting, provided I can fit it in. I just remembered I have a presentation and a paper due Tuesday! Yikes!
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