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birthday gathering

Up way too late again. I hope I can cram in some reading before I drop off completely.

But first I need to tell you guys about my birthday plans. WM-31 XXV will be going down this Saturday (the 3rd) at Maxwell's Plum, probably at around 8pm. (Maxwell's Plum is here.) We'll play the remainder of the night by ear. If you're reading this, you're invited! My cell number is 877-9455 if you want to call ahead.

I had a small birthday micro-party with Mom and Paul tonight, which was really nice. (Ila sent me a card with a border consisting of floral stamps, and in a burst of creative energy, spelled my name "Willyum." Cute!) I had a few glasses of wine and we all chatted about a bunch of different things. I probably don't have moments like that enough with them.

I manned the Canada World Youth booth for part of the morning at SMU's International Opportunities Fair. It was pretty cool, especially since I got to see some fellow alumni and think and talk about my past experiences for a bit. And what's more, SMU has connections with a bunch of different organizations with which to send students and graduates on various internships. I guess a lot of universities do this, but I'm self-deluded reliant to an extreme and pride independence has always kept me from seeking out help or assistance of almost any kind from Saint Mary's. I think it's time I start taking advantage of the present resources. I mean, there's got to be a good reason why tuition is so high, right?

There's this school in Japan, and I don't remember its name (it's on Shikoku, near Osaka) but I met Rebecca, who helped line up interviews and fill positions in it, and man it would be sweet to go there. (Shoot, I forgot to phone the camp today! Augh, I knew I forgot something!) Oh, it would be so much better than a language-mill like AEON. And there are opportunities to teach other things besides English. And Rebecca said I'd be perfect for it. She wants me on file so that I'll be there when the next openings appear. What a nice lady! Still, it would be hands-down the coolest way to leverage my CWY experiences. I guess something like JET would be cool too, but I like the idea of starting off with a personal meeting, like with this! (And, yes, like that USA summer camp...)

Oh yeah, there's also the run for VP External. Again, it's a long-shot, but some people I've talked to on and off-campus have expressed approval at the idea that I'd be almost-exclusively focused on the job while taking a minimum course load to maintain enrollment. Other candidates would do that, though - I need to think long and hard about how I can differentiate myself from the others, besides just having witty posters. Yes, there will be posters. It's going to be a busy weekend.


- One of the major Darkside bus routes, the Route 60 Eastern Passage, is undergoing some changes. Now when you are standing at the terminal, you will be required to distinguish between the "60 Eastern Passage" and the "60 Heritage Hills." That's so easy that all you need to do is look at this little map, and it will all become clear to you!

- There's a cool meme that I want to answer and repost, and I'll do it tomorrow. I might also chat to you about the Vista upgrade. Or I could do that now: I plan to get Dell's free upgrade discs now and sit on them for like a year... my system is A-OK right now, and I don't want to upgrade unless there's a compelling reason. Wait, have you seen Vista's Minesweeper? Must... resist...
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