William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

should I take that job?

I'm having my doubts about the summer camp thing. So let's say I save the full US$2,200 for ten weeks of work. June 9th - August 11th. They help a little bit with the visa and travel, but let's put that totally aside because it's irrelevant for the purpose of comparison with staying here. That's... US$220 a week. At the call centre I was pulling down about CDN$650 every two weeks after taxes, so that's CDN$325 weekly, which is worth US$275 at today's rate of 1$CDN = 0.847360$US.

I guess that includes room and board, but I get that staying here, too.

Plus if I stayed here I could possibly even get my own place and have a really fun summer, but then there go my prospects for saving anything.

What do you guys think? I kind of have my doubts because they want me to do a LOT, and for not a super lot of money. I'd effectively be taking a drop in wage from my last job. If they were going to go to something a lot closer to US$3,000, then there'd be no question about it. Or would there? I mean, it'd be a fantastic experience but there's something wrong in my gut about this. There's just something a little bit off.

I meant to get a bunch of reading done for school tonight, but I ended up talking on the phone with Heather until 2:20am. Gracious. I don't know why I'm blogging now. Anyway, Heather's first reaction was, "Oh, that happens to a lot of people... You know, you can make more money here."

I think it's kind of funny how I signed up for six months in Ukraine for next to no remuneration, but I'm balking at a two month summer camp that would pay me thousands. If I had known about this that night in October '05 when I had to squeeze into my host family's bathroom window in order to get inside, I would have screamed at today's me to take it.

But today's me isn't that guy squeezing into that bathroom window.

I may end up saying no to the camp and working here in Halifax. I know, I know. Halifax jobs suck because there are a zillion overqualified people and maybe three good jobs with low-ball wages. But it would be a lot more flexible than working at the camp. Plus I'd probably actually save some money. On the downside, I'd either need to live here and walk / bus every day (because I don't have access to a car anymore and certainly can't justify the expense of buying another one) or get my own place (which means I'd be working half the month to pay rent, a quarter of the month to buy food, and I'd be lucky to save even just $200 a month - that 1-year B.Ed. at UBC with residence fees costs about $20,000.).

Why is it that the really valuable things are really expensive, and the worthless things cost almost nothing? =) It seems like it's getting worse every day - health care, education, and housing costs are skyrocketing while electronic, gaming, and technology costs are falling through the floor.

@&%(&@ money.

(You know what, maybe I just need to bite the bullet, move out at the end of April, and just save what I can a little scrap at a time. It'll take forever to save the money for the next step of my education, but if it's really that important to me, I shouldn't hesitate at the prospect of working for just a few years to do it. I mean, look what people in developing countries have to do to save up airfare just to visit the West! C'mon, Will, stop throwing yourself a !%Y&(&% pity party. =)
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