William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

my first dongle + job? yes, job

My first accessory for this new machine is this:

PS2 controller to PC or MAC - USB adapter 2-PORTS NEW

Only one cent, plus eleven bucks shipping. What a joke. "NO PICKUPS NO EXCEPTIONS" Chortle. But it's something I want that would be tricky to find in stores. I have the PC version of Final Fantasy VII running quite smoothly; it would be pretty funny to be able to use a PlayStation controller for it. Oh, XP users who want to run Final Fantasy VII will need to install just the game, then install just the "movie player," then install this patch. There's a huge forum at qhimm.com that covers all kinds of issues and is a great up-to-date resource. It'll be the place to go for info on running FFVII under Vista.

I think I also have a shot at that camp job...

Z and C**** tell me that you are the man, the media man!! They tellme that I must hire you!! Alrighty then….but I do wantto talk to you..if I get a hold of you tonite (Friday) I wont be able to till Sunday or Monday……. Please letme know best times and what number to reach you at…… looking forward to it.

M**** R*****, Director

Boy, it'll be a tough one if I take it (and I'm planning to, bar disaster). It'll be almost nine solid weeks immersed in a high-octane environment from which there is no escape. It really will be like Canada World Youth, but slightly remunerative. BRB - the phone's ringing...

OK, so I've been officially offered the job. Oh boy. I think it'll be a lot of fun, but the salary is a little low-ball IMHO. I don't know, has anyone ever worked at a camp before? With spoiled rich kids? =) I have until Tuesday to decide. It'll probably be "yes," if only because I don't have anything else lined up yet.

On the plus side, they'd be happy to pick me up in NYC, so I could visit some relatives and see some sights before heading to camp.

On the minus side, there'll be no summer left after camp is over, and it'll be straight on into B.Ed. purgatory (or so I hope), unless I defer my acceptance.

What's this, you only get 24 years to be a kid?! =)

Time to make some phone calls.
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