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rain + first rehearsal

WOOOOOAH. I walked the 25 minutes from my house to the bus stop at about 5:30 this evening. MAN, was I ever soaked. I had an umbrella, but it didn't really help. Of course the shoulders of the Hammonds Plains Road are a joke and the sidewalk doesn't kick in until the last 3rd of the hike, so my feet were swimming in my shoes astonishingly promptly.

Our first rehearsal was tonight and we mostly covered blocking. Our set is going to be really elegant and complex, and we'll have to work with extra diligence to make sure that we're all standing where we're supposed to be and doing what we're supposed to be doing. I really like both of the Olivias I'm working with! =) And I'm also guiltily pleased that the other Malvolio didn't show... but he's a smart cookie and I'm sure he'll be back. It was a crappy night for driving, anyway.

Had a funny, wonderful outing with Heather the other night. She found some kind of freebie demo dance class at this nice studio downtown. If you didn't know this already, breakdancing is really hard on the wrists and fingers! Also, I think I'm just too tall to do it easily. Plus that instructor moves so fast I forget which way is left and which way is right. I guess I need to connect the direction with the muscles I move - it's the stopping for the split-second to recall which leg or arm the instructor refers to that kills me.

We picked up Marek at work; he did a little bit of car surfing, and then we took off.

Lo and behold, Aimee from the Bishop's trip and frosh leading is recruiting for yet another summer camp! And they're looking for video and photography crew, too! Man, I might actually get a job through Facebook. That's just too funny. (I take much better photos than I did back in the film age, which the first two links lead to, but I like to think I could and can tell decent stories with them.)

I like my life. It's absurdly simple.
Tags: breakdancing, commuting, dance, drama, plays, rain, rehearsals, shakespeare, twelfth night, water

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