William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

uh-oh, little problem

Hey, guys, you know my phone?

Yeah, I think it's giving up the ghost. It turns on, says "TELUS" and goes no further. I knew I shouldn't have used its dictionary to look up "paratactic."

I'm going to head out to the service centre at Bayer's Lake, but realistically I'll be lucky if they can even pull the phone numbers out of it. And, guess what, that brings us to our new problem! If you'd be so kind as to re-supply me with your phone numbers (Catherine, JuJu, Krista, Dan, Carla, Nic, Cedrick, Sophie, Dave, etc..), I'll be able to put them into my new phone. I've also probably lost every appointment I've saved, but I've got hard-copy records of most of them, so I should be OK.

Comments to this post will be screened, so you can simply post replies to this to resupply me with your numbers.
Tags: phone, phone numbers

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