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the car's swan song; the world juniors

It looks like the car’s a write-off. I called Andre (the mechanic) this evening, and he advised us against fixing it. The control bar had rusted out, yes, but it took the axle rod with it. Worse, that entire section of the undercarriage is rotting and waiting to go, so a repair would be dangerous because we’d just be waiting for more things to break free.

I’ll miss that car. It was wonderful on the highway, and it was pretty well appointed – power seats, digital dashboard, air conditioning (this stopped working about two years ago but was fine until then), cruise, ample trunk room, automatic headlights, remote power locks, V6 engine, etc.. Now it’ll be back to nothing – I’ll have nothing to drive for the remainder of the semester. It’s just as well, because I was thinking of going far afield anyway, and the car would have been a liability.

Still, there goes the dream of driving to BC and meeting up with the likes of Sophie, Dave, Nic, Michelle, Cedric, Shelley, Amy, Lee, Miranda, Ashley, Lindsay, and relatives too numerous to list. It would have been a ton of fun. I’m not sure what I’ll do now, but driving to get there is now off the table. I guess that means I’ll have to get a new passport to replace the one that I chewed up in the laundry. Another as-good-as-$100 – sheesh, don’t these morons know some of us are hard up against it?

Anyway, let’s focus again on the car. Tomorrow I’ll be going up to the garage to retrieve the papers and things left in it, and then I’ll have to place an ad somewhere. If anyone is interested in a blue 1991 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight (with Regency Elite trim) [a picture of this kind of car] for the parts, let me know. =) We’re asking $500. The engine is in great shape, and this car is a find for anyone still driving 1991-96 GM B or C platform cars and looking for a bed of spare parts to fall back on.

Canada won the World Junior Hockey Championship in Sweden today, beating Russia 4-2. That was a pretty good game, but the 2-1 shootout victory over the United States on Wednesday night was epic. There was a penalty kill by Canada in overtime (so it was 4 on 3, on big ice!) that I won’t soon forget. It was as gritty, as gutsy, as powerful as anything you’ll ever see in sports. The ensuing shootout was a nail-biter – I believe it went 7-6, with Jonathan Toews banging in the shootout winner. Goaltender Carey Price was named tournament MVP, and it was a no-brainer. He was so well positioned and so calm and collected that he kept us in the game even when our defence wasn’t so very well organized. Russia almost got us tonight on the strength of their power play, and we were starting to run out of gas for the last half of the game. But take nothing away from the Canadian team – they reached down and found what they needed to get the win in the face of adversity.

The stands in both games were filled with Canadian fans, and the boards were lined with ads from Canadian companies. Keep in mind, this is all happening in Sweden. Broadcaster Bob McCown suggests that the European countries don’t really care about what they call the “U-20 World Hockey Championship,” because they don’t have junior hockey systems. (Neither does the USA, but they have a collegiate system that now rivals Canadian major junior.) Should the tournament simply be held in Canada or in the USA within 100 miles of the Canadian border every year? The debate rages on.

I mentioned the Canadian fans because many of them were booing when the American players took their shots in the shootout. After the win, they chanted “Na-na-na… hey-hey-hey, goodbye.” (originally from the Steam song)

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that extremely poor sportsmanship. When it comes to games against Americans, we’re very poor winners – at least us fans are, anyway. Geez, sometimes we’ve even been known to boo “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which I think is unpardonable. It’s not just an insult to their sovereign country; it’s an insult to those players who have worked ridiculously hard to get to where they are. And let’s not forget that some Americans play for Canadian NHL teams.

I know that if American fans started booing Canadians, we’d be up in arms. We’d lambaste them, despise them, and raise a hue and cry such as has never been heard. So why do we pay such disrespect to them? And don’t say it’s because of Bush, because that’s just wayyy too easy. Let’s just be glad he’s not ours – he turned their highest surplus in history into their greatest deficit in history. Some industries in the USA are hot right now – like the people that make prosthetics for those poor soldiers. Stem-cell research is behind where it could be because of his past policies. Ground Zero is still an empty hole. Oh, boy. And we think we have problems with Harper.
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