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Voice Post: The Car: DOA

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“Oh, hey. You’ll never guess what happened. I had a pretty good drive back from Souris; it was what I would call, “slippery with clear patches” until Morell – and then Morell to Charlottetown was 50-50, and then Charlottetown and beyond was okay but then the wind was gusting something awful on the bridge, pushing me back and forth – that was pretty scary; it made me miss the [days of the] ferry. Keep in mind, that bridge – for my non-Maritime listeners – that bridge is nine miles long. It’s a long time to be buffeted by the wind, I think. Anyway, so then I hit New Brunswick; New Brunswick roads were beautifully clear – Nova Scotia was pretty good, I’ll give it like an 80%, whereas New Brunswick gets 95%. Anyway, I got onto the 102, and as I got closer to Halifax, it got warmer, the road got clearer – nice… beautiful day for travelling! There was a full moon, I left Souris at 5:45 in the morning, I had the full moon with me until almost when off PEI – the sunrise, seeing all the scenes from the tourist map on that stretch of highway: curvy, crazy, but fun.

Anyway, so I make it to Halifax, and I’m pulling around in the South End to park to go to my class and BOOM! I think it’s the control rod – anyway, it snapped. [It had rusted out.] So my front-left wheel is now resting snugly against the wheel well, and this car is not going anywhere: it’s DOA. I’m just glad this didn’t happen earlier, you know, hitting one of those great big bumps on the highway – you know, when you’re crossing a bridge and you go KER-CHUNK KER-CHUNK – I could have easily lost it there. If I’d lost the tire at 65 miles an hour slash 110 kilometres an hour that would not be a good [unintelligible]. Here, it happened, I was just turning in a cul-de-sac - darndest thing! I’m just shocked by it. Anyway, I’m getting a tow, and everything’s under control, but oy-yoy-hoy.

Yeah, I think my delusions of taking this car to British Columbia are evaporating into thin air. I think I might have to fly, or bus, or hitchhike, or walk – if I walk, I could probably raise a ton of money for it. Yeah, that’s pretty much our situation now. I was lucky I slowed down on one of those bridges: I was approaching, ‘gee, you know what, I’d better slow down to 15 k below the speed limit to cross that bridge, or otherwise, you know, it’s hard on the car’ well, sure enough, it could have happened right then and there if I had just been going the normal speed. I guess we gotta count our blessings. I was lucky; made it. Not nearly as bad as the last ride, but nerve-wracking in places.

I’m glad to be back in Halifax. It’s civilization. Everything’s nice and warm - warmer. It’s beautiful. There’s like, people walking on the street. There’s busses. More traffic lights. People who know how to drive. It’s great.

Anyway, I guess we’d better call it a halt for now. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I hope it’s mechanically better than mine, but I hope you’re having as much joy and festive fun as I am right now, because I had…really, no sleep last night, cause I left at 5 – and didn’t get to sleep until 4:30 – well, quarter after four, so I’m kind of in that tired giddiness right now.

Okay, I’ve really got to get off this thing. Okay. Have a nice day! Bye-bye! Yours truly, Will.”

Transcribed by: nova_one

[Update: I missed my first class, and was driven up to campus in a tow truck. Then I went to the wrong classroom for my second class because they changed all the room assignments. What an adventure! More details and photos (from the entire Christmas holiday) to come.]
Tags: breakdowns, cars, driving, mechanics, road trips, roads, towing, weather

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