William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

my money's on Green Bay

Tomorrow will be an interesting day in NFL football. Do you like the Green Bay Packers? Here’s what has to happen for them to squeak by the New York Giants, who beat the Washington Redskins tonight:

FIRST, Green Bay beats Chicago
(this brings both teams to 8-8, and since they didn’t play each other and have the same 7-5 record in-conference and 1-4 record against common opponents, they fall through three tiebreakers to reach the cryptic “strength-of-victory,” where they’re rooting for the teams they beat earlier in the season to win, and hoping that the teams the Giants beat lose – NY has a significant head-start on this particular tiebreaker, so…)
AND Arizona, Detroit, Miami, Minnesota, and San Francisco all win
AND Houston and Tampa Bay both lose

See? Easy! Go Green Bay! (This may also be Brett Farve’s last game. He’s been Green Bay’s starting quarterback since 1992. In hockey, that would be a respectable career. In pro football, that’s an eternity.)

Seriously, this will be an exciting day. There are other teams on the bubble as well, though perhaps not so very long shots like Green Bay. Get out some loose-leaf paper and follow along!

Playoff scenarios – Week 17 (nfl.com – amusingly, they changed the webpage to put Green Bay out of contention after the Giants victory; it’s since been corrected)
Playoff Race Insider (CBS Sportsline)

And I’d better get back to reading Twelfth Night
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