William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

grades, tuition, and the CPA Night teaser

I finally received the last of my first semester grades today.

Honours Seminar: Posthumanism B
The British Novel: 1800-1855 B+
Literature of the fin de siècle A-
Chaucer and the 14th Century [first half] A
Contemporary Canadian Fiction A+

It's so-so, I guess. I was hoping for all-As, but the difficulty of the honours seminar combined with the extreme unsociability of another professor dashed those hopes. But I guess I get next semester to try again, don't I?

The $440 federal-provincial tuition relief, reserved for Nova Scotia residents, also came in, and has finally been deducted from my second semester charges. This is not to be scoffed at - with my tuition being $6,100 this year, that $440 represents a 7.2% tuition decrease, which almost sounds pretty good. Students from other provinces who are studying in Nova Scotia get... nothing, as we are apparently attempting to emulate the model of tuition in Québec (although their system doesn't raise a lot of the same hue-and-cry, because the English-language unviersities there tend to be heavily populated by foreign (meaning outside Québec) students, and who has the temerity to demand that a French society fund English universities to the same level as their French counterparts?). International students also get... nothing, but they will never get a break since they are here just to bolster our bottom line. I am not in the least bit sarcastic here. They currently pay more than double what Canadian residents or citizens pay, although some would say that this is fair as they and their parents do not pay Canadian income taxes. The debate rages on. What could ever be done about it? For instance, if we let students from EU countries study here at the domestic rate, the EU should let Canadian students study at EU institutions at their domestic rates. That's an interesting idea, actually, although it opens up the wormhole of recognition of accreditation, and with that on top of the pecuinary aspects, the idea will probably never fly.

On a happy note, the CPA reunion was last night, and I had lots of fun with Mike, Paul, ace_44, Chuck, and Omar (and I'm to say "hi!" to Sarah Mc-W. for him, so "hi!" =) There are lots of memories and lots of photos, which I will attempt to share tomorrow on Flickr, and I will let you know about it here first.

As for Christmas, the current plan is to attend Ryan's birthday on the 23rd, not drinking so that I can deliver Catherine to Truro straight from there, and then continue by myself to meet everyone a-few-hours-belatedly in Sherbrooke. On the 26th at some point, I'll drive to PEI, which will take a zillion times longer than it should because I'll have to drive to and through New Brunswick to get there, as the NS-PEI ferry service shut down on the 20th - seemingly unneccissarily, as we have had the mildest winter in recent memory, and I think the Northumberland Strait is still ice-free. Then again, they were only running three crossings a day, and taking the Bridge gives me the freedom to travel overnight, if I so choose.
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