William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

the term paper, the squirrel, and Halifax's famous friendly people

I wrote my Contemporary Canadian Fiction final tonight. I think I did pretty well, and I was bolstered by the fact that I got an A+ on my term paper, on “The Cross-Cultural Appeal of Alistair MacLeod’s No Great Mischief.” I’ve never gotten an A+ on a term paper before – not in any course, not even Intro Lit.

I also got an A as my mid-term grade in Chaucer and the 14th Century. That’s nice, though the hard work in that course is yet to come.

The bus ride in was annoying, and I would have driven were it not that I had plans for a few celebratory pints with a buddy of mine (which fell through, much to the relief of my wallet). Anyway, the 80 was about ten minutes late, and this lateness snowballed so that I was five minutes late entering the exam room. First I entered our classroom, which was the wrong room of course, but then I ran into Dr. J.B.’s assistant Cheryle and she showed me to the correct door. Better to be born lucky…

I start off the exam by writing 300 words on one of two things when I was supposed to write 150 words on each thing. This slowed me down quite a bit, and finishing each of the essays to my standards meant I was the last one to finish. That’s the only thing I don’t like about exams: that socially awkward end. You’re technically allowed three hours for an exam, but if you even take two you’re going to be the only one still there, and your professor may ask you if you’re writing a novel.

I discovered the Gorsebrook had closed (at 7:30!!) and texted Jer, then I headed for the Spring Garden Road library to slip the novels from this course back into the book drop. There were a lot of sketchy characters about; one guy put his fists up to me after asking me for a light the second time. Ass.

While waiting 40 minutes in the cold for the 80, I ran into the Book Mark on a whim and got Mom’s Christmas present. So that’s done, at least. Then the 80 finally came and all was fine until some really smelly person wound up in front of me, and it was many stops before I could quietly and unsuspectingly move to one of the lateral benches.

Well, there but for the grace of God go I.

I got off in Bedford and scraped the ice of the car, then came home. It was garbage night, so I had to hang around outside for a bit more, and Mom and I saw a flying squirrel. They look a lot different then the regular daytime squirrels; this one had pitch-black eyes and flaps of skin around his legs. He climbed up the side of the house and took off as I was placing the recyclables and garbage cans in the van.

OMG those cans were cold tonight. I think the problem was that one of them was a little wet, and the temperature was about freezing. My fingers are still a little numb as I type this. Eyahh.

Anyway, that’s the story of my night. I just wanted to tell you about the term paper, the squirrel, and the d*****bag with the fists. Good night!
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