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I have a confession to make. I've voted NDP in the past.

So now they're whooping and shouting because they bought an ad on globeandmail.com. Well, good for them. I was curious, so I checked it out.

I have a few questions for them about their "Insiders' Guide to the Harper Liberals." About all it has going for it is a list of who voted to extend the war in Afghanistan. The rest of it is kind of junky - among their prize statements are Michael Ignatieff's position on Iraq's supposed WMDs... in 2003. Oh, and Egmont (PEI) MP Joe McGuire's conservative stance on abortion... in 1988. I'm glad we can count on the Layton NDP for digging up the hard, timely facts. Whatever happened to the days when Alexa McDonough said, "Think how much better Canada could be?" And yes, in that 2000 election, I voted for our NDP incumbent, Gordon Earle. I remember when he came to Saint Mary's for a debate on McDonough's behalf, and he and the Liberal Kevin Little seemed to have the best of it by far. Little came within 3,000 votes of McDonough that year.

My uneducated opinion is that if the NDP want to govern, they should concentrate more on their own platform rather than obfuscating the positions of the other parties. Wait a minute, it worked for Bush in 2004, didn't it? Stupid real life.

PS NDP: I think your Liberal lemon quiz is funny, but you're not in a position to criticize the lack of a childcare plan. You let their government be defeated before it could be implemented, and now they'll have to do that work all over again. True, they could, and probably should have delivered that program sooner, but I for one will chose to remember your party as being instrumental in sinking it.
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