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epic update!

Right now I'm doing up cover letters for various jobs. I was kind of getting discouraged for a while there, and it hasn't helped that I haven't heard back from that Wal-Mart Photo Lab where I made such an excellent impression. I just don't have enough work experience; even my stepbrother-in-law says that that's my downfall.

So right now I'm doing up cover letters, because if you don't write one, you're in nowheresville. I remember my Uncle who teaches high school in Souris telling me that he's never had to prepare even a résumé in his life. I miss those days where you could get by just with knowing the right people and having a bit of education. And it's not like I'm illiterate or lacking computer skill. Oh well.

But here's the punchline I was going for: I'm getting kind of lazy with the cover letters, and I'd better watch myself. The contents of them are somewhat repetitive, the only variances being who the letters are addressed to and the ordering of the sentences, depending on the job being applied for. So with dilligence I hope not to give my "Dear Ms. Gouthreau" letter to "Mr. Goudy," or my MAIL BOXES ETC. letter to The Printing House. =)

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