William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

JuJu Appreciation Day ([formerly] SCREENED POST)

Mike and Sarah have been on the e-mail prowl about this, but I thought I'd chip in as well just in case anyone misses this:

Saturday November 18th will be "JuJu Appreciation Day" and it'll be happening at the Peel Pub at 5650 Spring Garden Road!

WHY? Everyone loves JuJu (LJ: _juju_), and some of his friends decided that there ought to be a special day for everyone to get together and revel in their fondness for that special caution-tape-draped Asian in our lives. JuJu will be there, but he doesn't know how big this event is going to be. Actually, he probably thinks he's just meeting one or two friends, so the point is this: Don't talk to JuJu about this, just leave it that he'll be there, and we'll be there as well!

WHEN? 1900 AST (7:00pm), Saturday, November 18th, 2006

WHO? Anyone who knows or even just wants to meet JuJu! Yes, you don't have to know JuJu to come!

WHAT: JuJu Appreciation Day
WHERE: Peel Pub, 5650 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS (see map)
WHEN: starting at 7:00pm, Saturday Nov. 18th

Oh, and:

See you there!

This is [was] a screened post, and yes, I actually did just make a custom security filter that includes every one of my LJ friends except _juju_. This is probably the very first time I'm screening for a good cause... =)
Tags: friends, holidays, juju, observances, parties

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