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the October classic

Okay, where was I?

If you were in Dartmouth during rush hour and spotted a giant blue Chevy Silverado 2500HD with a big “2004” sticker on the windshield and ridiculous rainbow steamers trailing from the antenna, that was me. Damn, that was a big truck. 4 doors, 4-wheel drive. No trouble getting it around town, though – it took off and stopped about as well as you could possibly expect. Apparently it had over 300 horsepower. I also found the brakes (an important consideration) easy and effective. It’s actually easier to stop than the car.

After evaluating the truck for Dad (on PEI) and calling him about it, I had a bit of a headache – whatever cleaning chemical they used in it, it was harsh. I’m still reeling a bit.

I stopped in at C’s on the way back because I’m hardly ever in the SE part of Bedford, which you basically have to drive through to get back to my area if you’re coming up on the Dartmouth side. I drove into Ridgevale and parked in front of their house. I rang the bell, then someone else pulled up in front of the house. They were looking for C. as well, but for different reasons: I was there to pick up some books that I originally lent to Joe, they had tattoos, cut-off sleeves, and called C. with a Palm Treo - they were likely there to pick up something of a different sort, if you gather what I mean here. They seemed like nice guys, but I was happy to get back in the car and lock the doors. (No one was home.)

Okay, rolling back the clock a bit, there was the matter of The Concert. I was going to skip the whole thing entirely and spend the evening on schoolwork, but then I happened to catch Sarah’s blog mentioning that she lived near the commons and was going to watch it from her deck. So I called her and asked if I could come over. It was great to see her again after such a long time. They have a really nice place, and they had the foresight to set up a tarp before the rain really started pouring. We sat in a tight circle of chairs and heard most everything, except that the wind started pulling the tarp off its station towards the end of the Rolling Stones, so we then retreated inside. Also, I happened to miss Sloan, who were opening, and I would have liked to have heard them, though I did hear Alice Cooper loud and clear.

I should mention that Metro Transit had special bus service set up, which I used thinking that traffic and parking would make driving prohibitive. As it turned out, though, I could have easily parked on Cornwallis Street near Sarah’s. Then again, if it wasn’t raining it’s unlikely that I could have been so lucky.

After spending Saturday night (but no money, thankfully) on the concert, I had a ton of catching up to do, including a small presentation and a paper. The presentation, concerning Joseph’s origins and role in Wuthering Heights, was a lot more coherent in my head than it came out orally. I actually froze dead in my tracks a few times. Nobody laughed at my small jokes. I guess it needed more work.

The following evening, I stayed on campus long into the night working on a Posthumanism paper. I got to know the fellow next to me – Ali, who hails from UAE and speaks six languages. What an advantage! Nice guy, too.

While I was fiddling with the paper, I uploaded a few of my videos to YouTube. So now you have more options than ever before… I think I’ll put Life After Y2K up there sometime soon as well. It’s not nearly as polished as the two NSCAD pieces, but it’s corny enough to be worth a look.

I can’t wait until December, when I’ll have the time and means to work on my website again…

And between all this, somehow, I watched the entire second season of Monk. You need to see this show. It’s the funniest thing on TV today, and easy to find in the USA – it’s USA Network’s signature show. It was airing on ASN here in the Maritimes, but I haven’t found it in its usual Sunday night spot. It doesn’t really matter that much because I’m watching the series on library DVDs anyway, and I need Sunday nights to study. Live TV (with commercials – YUCK!) is so Stone Age.

[Here's a review from The New Yorker that almost perfectly illustrates the brilliance of Monk.]

This brings us up to this past weekend. Catherine and I were going to get together and do nerdy things like drink wine, play video games, and watch DVDs, but she got sick that day. I went hither and yon through my phone list, in that I-just-got-out-of-the-shower-and-now-there’s-nothing-to-do sort of desperation. Fortunately, I had the good sense to call JuJu, who invited me to Sarah’s birthday party. Now, I didn’t even know it was a birthday party, though I had a funny feeling I’d see Sarah there, which was quite remarkable to see fulfilled. I have to admit that I had an uphill battle against my antisocial inclinations in order to get to know, quite literally, a group of strangers. But the effort was worthwhile, and I’m sure JuJu would be proud of me in his “Will, you’re supposed to do that anyway” sort of way.

And that just about brings us up to date. Time for a snack and then it’s back to the books. I find it is slightly better than working, so I can’t complain.
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