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BREAKING NEWS: Mess on Spring Garden Road

Today is my first day back at Saint Mary's after a two-year hiatus. But first:

I was walking into the Shops at Park Lane to get a bus schedule book, when a tween of colour came running full-tilt. "Gee," I think, "he's running like he's stolen something."

This turned out to be the case, as two or three security guards were right on his tail. I was lucky to be just out of everybody's way.

The man was chased out through the doors (resulting in one would-be lady shopper getting knocked over and probably scraped while she was trying to come in), and into the street, and then some.

While trying to get away, the suspected shoplifter was hit by a Honda Accord coupe, putting a crater on the windshield and sending him sprawling to the ashphalt.

We all stared for a moment, shocked. Did that really just happen?

(Someone next to me in the mall said that the guards weren't supposed to chase him beyond the doors. Is that true? I doubt it myself, but I've been wrong before.)

The guards surrounded him while other uniformed arrivals directed traffic. A crowd watched for some moments. He was still breathing, and moving a bit, although some of his movements looked like involuntary spasms. As I walked to the library to continue with my errands (it would be harder for the professionals to work and for people to get from A to B if there were huge crowds watching), I saw an ambulance rolling up from Barrington Street. Didn't take them long.

Film at 11. Like, for reals.
Tags: news, security guards, shoplifting, shopping malls

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