William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

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tre questions

Some peopIe who copy and paste this want everyone who reads it to ask them three questions, no more no less. I wouldn't mind if you did that yourself, but no pressue. If you participate, you can ask me anything you want through a comment, then go to your journal, copy and paste this, which will allow your friends (including myself) the chance to ask you anything. And I mean anything...

... though if it's too "anything" the response may end up in a custom-security-level-friends-only entry if you gather me. On that note people I'm just acquainted with are encouraged to post, too. And, to my Friends, I am truly sorry for spamming your Friends pages tonight. I am in the throes of an epic LJ-spam-spree. The actual factual journaling ceased hours ago. Anyway, it'll pass, or I'll simply pass out.

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