William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson


It looks like we’re taking a trip out to Mill River tomorrow; we’ll stay overnight and catch Anne & Gilbert in Summerside the next night on the way home. (Oooh, the mysterious West...)

I’ve worked at the hay for the last five days (we even worked on Sunday), so this comes as a much-needed break. I miss the easy days of sleeping in. This isn’t really a vacation, it’s more of a temporary relocation.

I was just talking to Mrs. B and it looks like I may not be able to ride back to Nova Scotia with them if I want to make it to my first class, The British Novel 1800-1855. Should I go, or skip it and save the $50 shuttle fare? No, that would be foolish. I should take a night home first to get unpacked and decompress and all that. Besides, my mother would go into hysterics.

Anyway, the B’s are just coming for two nights, and I’ll probably only see them for one day. Therefore, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to convince them to come out this way and meet my family, something I was rather looking forward to. I also had these silly ideas about teaching T. to drive. Well, the plus side is that this gives me an excuse to drag her over here again in the Fall should she be interested.

Looks like Aunt Shirley wants to have a quick conference to go over our plans. Should we stop in Charlottetown for shoes, or breakfast in St. Peters, or do both on top of the requisite driving to make our tee time? We’ll talk about that now.
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