William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

even more new Flickr photos

William, Lap 1
Originally uploaded by blue_william.
I've got just about my entire summer documented on Flickr! (And, more importantly, it's clearing the way for me to finally do something with the pictures from my six months in Ukraine.)

Uploaded today:

- Monday Night With Aunt Shirley, we go visit PEI's largest and oldest tree.
- That trip to Charlottetown on August 16th, in which a friend and I mess around on go-karts before lunch.
- The 2006 Queen of the Furrows Pageant, which my cousins Shannon and Elizabeth contested. No word yet on who's the winner, because they still have to plough tomorrow morning.

Tonight we're going down to the fairgrounds for a special trivia night. Should be fun. It's also licensed.
Tags: family, friends, fun, pei, photos, travel

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