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Reunion pics!

The 2006 Ross-MacLean Reunion.

It's split over three sets, "before," "during," and "just after." You'll see them all on that page easily enough.

Even if you have no idea who my family is, you might enjoy the pictures from the beaches and cliffs, and the ones where little children are trying to tackle me. Just browse through and tell me if you see anything good. Oh, and I'm using the Notes feature now, so you might find a couple of surprises.

I love this; I haven't felt so creative in years. But it won't do to waste my entire summer playing with photos, will it?

Ah, such is life. What a facinating puzzle.

(I'd like to put a few pictures right in this blog entry, but I'm wayyyy too sleepy. Have a good night, people!)
Tags: family, pei, photos

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