William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Re: transfer credit from NSCAD

Hi William,

I have spoken with Dr. N*****, and after a review of the course descriptions
for the 2 classes you took at NSCAD, we will not be able to count these
toward your Certificate program.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


S***** F*****
Undergraduate Programs Officer
Faculty of Arts
McNally Main ***

"&$%(&@&^(&(!&^%(#$&%(#$@@^%!^$^&," says I. Whee, another thousand dollars down the tubes. For a generic elective. Gah.

Dale Carnegie be damned, because this didn't work:

Dear Ms. F*****,

Thank you so much for seeing me last week concerning my transfer of
credit from NSCAD to go towards my Honours Equivalency. You really
helped illuminated the process, and now I think I see which way is up.
=) I was just writing in to ask if anyone has located my NSCAD
transcript yet. I'd be happy to order another one if that's necessary.
If I should need to do this, is there a way I can get it sent in or
something I can get NSCAD to add to the cover sheet to ensure it gets
filed properly?

If it comes up, I'd be happy to talk about what I did during the
courses in question. You had mentioned to me that some NSCAD courses
aren't considered for university credit at Saint Mary's. I have to
admit I can see why that would be, although I hope that doesn't impact
my personal situation. Although (for instance) my video production
course was at the entry-level, I (alone of the class) was using the
software from the second-year course because the easier software just
wasn't enough to do what I wanted. I spent every waking moment for
weeks on end in an editing room, obsessing over each frame just as I
had earlier prepared (say) basic C++ programs when I took computer
science. The time investment for me was easily equal to any university
credit I'd ever taken. I'd be more than happy to show you the results
of my work – I still have a few duplicate DVDs to give away.

In any case, I greatly appreciate your ongoing attention to my
situation, especially now when you must be swamped with appointments
and an even heavier workload than usual. I look forward to meeting you
again at any time that may be necessary and convenient for you.

Thank you,
~ William Matheson

&*@%, now what?

Edit: Well first I'll try this, then I'll count my pennies:

Hi Ms. F*****!

Thank you for your prompt reply. I'm glad you didn't keep me waiting
any longer to hear the news. Naturally I am disappointed, yet I
respect your decision, which is exactly the one I would have made were
I in your position. Just based on the course descriptions alone, there
probably wasn't a lot to go on, and Saint Mary's has a fine reputation
to maintain and understandably can't just accept any accreditation
from anywhere.

That being said, I was wondering if there might be some creative way
out of this predicament. I would love to take an additional course
this year at Saint Mary's, and as we've said before, it can be
anything I want (within the prerequisite limits, of course). This is
thrilling in many ways. The only problem is that I will be
hard-pressed to afford such an additional course. I will spare you a
blow-by-blow rendition of my circumstances, as that is perhaps best
directed at the Financial Aid department, and I'm sure you've heard it
all before anyway.

You're infinitely more adroit at these matters than I am, and you may
already have thought of something that has escaped my comprehension
completely. I'm really happy to have had your ear on this so far and
look forward to your having mine.

Yours truly,
~ William Matheson
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