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T. and I had a crazy good time on Sunday night. We stayed up in the kitchen until 2am doing the puzzles from Friday’s Daily News. This sounds really lame, but we had so much fun figuring out the crossword and then the cryptiquote and Sudoku - the latter two neither of us had ever tried before. This Friday we’re going to attempt sneaking into a certain place to go for a swim. (Shh.) Should be a good time.

And of course there’ll be the party-let at Maxwell’s (I think) on Sunday night… I’ll start e-mailing people in a day or two. Carla and Dan have a licence not to come since I missed their water fight without a very good excuse (I was scheduled to work 4 hours after the fight and at the time I was called I just wanted to go back to sleep), but they probably don’t think about that as much as I do.

Nanny’s back from the hospital. She looks to be okay, but she’s understandably a bit weak still. It’s a good thing we live close enough at hand for her to have a rest here before going home, because it’d be hard for her to sit through the drive all the way back to Sherbrooke just now.

And now I’ve only got three shifts at work left, but who’s counting? I think the crowning moment came last night when the rep behind me was speaking (with complete seriousness) about how he came to discover he was a Druid. There was also something about a Dragon. And then the Roman Catholic beside me asks, “Are dragons real?” I’ll never forget some of the things I’ve been privileged to overhear. It might all make a good short story some day.

Guess my laundry’s done…
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