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e-mail to Jonathan Hall

An e-mail to Jonathan Hall from late last night. Not to be confused with Mike's friend Jon S. or Tanya's brother Jon. Anyway, he worked in Porter Sevices, which is where I'm headed on Monday, so I thought I'd drop him a Hotmail. As I expected the message bounced, for one of the usual HotReasons. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, I'd appreicate the assistance. You might remember that Jon wrote in the '98-'99 CPA Yearbook:

I Predict...
   ... people will miss Will Matheson. What did he ever do to you besides make you look stupid for being more intelligent than yourself?
   ... women will marry worthless men who do not truly love them. Men will go out with women only for sex. But, until they realize that these relationships are meaningless, they will continue to be lonely.
   ... at least two people will commit suicide in the next five years because of the pressures of trying to live up to the standards of the 'beautiful people.'
   ... many honours students will not succeed in life. Life is not a text book, it can't be studied.

This was actually printed in the yearbook, not just signed in. I'm so proud of that being in there, though I also love all the people who wrote me handwritten, heartfelt messages. But anyway, the following is my e-mail to Jonathan, which he'll probably get to read eventually...

This message will probably not reach you because this is Hotmail... plus I'm replying to a six-year-old message. God, I hope I sent a reply then. If I never replied to a follow-up message dated 11/09/99, please forgive me. =) I'm amazed that I still have all the e-mails from 1998 concerning the aspicious debut of my website. I kind of miss those days in a sick sort of way; everyone was really interested in what I was doing back then, whereas today I'm just a washed-up urban legend. =) Pity. So now I've had to grow and mature like everybody else and not let my high school infamy get to my head. And I'm closer to getting what I really want, which is to fit in and have a normal life like everybody else. You know, all I ever wanted in high school was friends, although maybe my envy of others caused me to purposely put off certain people - somewhere inside I was probably confusing lonliness with righteousness.

I'm just sort of going over this head space, because back then that's what it was all about. I'm only really getting into the spirit of social things now, and it's only been in the last few years that I have been able to make anything resembling friends. Anyway, it's a shame I never really got to know you. By the way, thank you so very very very much for what you wrote in the yearbook about me. That little line has kept me going through some rough times.

My buddy Ryan Loomis says that I was able to bring people together from diverse social groups for the purpose of harassing me. So in a way, I am responsible for keeping CPA such a harmonious and safe place while I was there. But again, I'm just saying this stuff because we're both from CPA. If you'd rather talk about drugs or drinks or girls, I am game for that too. =)

So nowadays I feel like I'm a fairly well-adjusted person.

You're a guy who crosses my mind every once in a while, and I should have renewed contact with you sooner. I don't think we were even able to sign each other's yearbooks. But yeah, unforunately there is sort of an alterior motive with trying to contact you now.

Specifically, I'm writing to ask if you're still with Porter Services at the QEII. I imagine you're probably moved on to bigger things by now. Anyway, I think tomorrow I shall go there with my résumé and a cover letter. I tried to apply last year, but I was scared a little, and I waited until I had a few months volunteering in Patient Mobile Library before I poked my head upstairs, and by then it was too late. The guy said, more or less, that he had a stack of cv's a mile high.

But if they're not finished hiring yet (and they probably are, but hey, it's cool to talk to you anyway), I think I have an edge, not just with my volunteer experience but also with my stint as a waiter - I told you on the bus one day about the bad things about it, but the good things were that it's customer service experience, said experience was almost always postive and enjoyable (it's just the kitchen stuff and the (chef's) yelling and (my) tears there that sucked), and plus I had to be on my feet for long periods, which I don't mind, but people like to see that on paper.

Furthermore, my stepfather has MS, so I have wheelchair navigation experience up the wazoo. It's just with him; I take him for groceries every week, I get him out of bed every morning, sometimes I fix his breakfast... but I think it could be applied to other people.

Anyway, if you're still in Halifax maybe we should hang out sometime, if you're into that sort of thing. Actually, that reminds me of a girl who used my cautious, flattering admission that hanging out may be beneath her as a crutch for an excuse not to. =) Among the better things to do included photographs to take and leaves to stare at. But anyway... =)

So yeah. If this doesn't reach you I'll try phoning around a bit until I hit someone that knows you. All of the traditional "preps" / CPA elite are all friendly acqaintances now; in fact, Brian McKay invited me to his pre-party before the CPA Christmas Party Reunion - I have pictures from the night at:


Also if you want to follow my LiveJournal, my user id there is nova_one. But that can get old fast. Anyway, it's been cool to e-mail you, because what I know of you hints at some emotional and philosophical depth, which is always good. Take it easy!

- William Matheson

Thanks, Jonathan.

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