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William Matheson

Temporarily out of Service…

(written at work on paper, breaking the rule about blogging, on Tuesday night when volumes were low)

This is going to be one of those curl-up-into-a-ball moments. You see, I had a car accident today. Aside from the monetary impact of this (which is tragic in a short-term sense), I feel generally touchy, and still somewhat in shock. I just want to go home and curl up into… (wait, I said that already) and sleep.

But, somehow, life goes on. What if someone had gotten hurt? All I have is a bit of jitteriness, and the feeling of being chewed up and spat out by Fate. Oh, this accident was my fault, no doubt about it. I rear-ended somebody when my brakes failed. I was going too fast approaching the first traffic light on Bayer’s Road after coming down off the elevated highway. The guy got out and said, “Where’s the race, buddy?”

You’d think I’d have learned about impatience from my accident in December 2001, when I totalled my mom’s Jeep (due to bending of the frame) by running headlong into a power pole. The impatient part was that the shortcut I was taking was greasy and unsalted, whereas the main road was passable and salt-strewn. You’d think I’d have learned. But not me, I was too dumb.

Anyway, the end result of all this is that my continuing to drive may be unsustainable. The car needs:

- New ABS system (Incidentally, driving with ABS doesn’t make one stop any faster, it’s just a computer system that pumps the breaks for you to prevent your wheels from locking up. The danger comes when the car thinks it has ABS (the error light is *off*), and begins to act strangely, even when stopping from relatively low speeds.)

- A/C (as if)

- Major underbody work – the mechanic points out new cracks and chasms every time I visit.

- And now, a new passenger door and mirror, as that’s the part that struck the Jeep when I spun out today.

And this definitely puts an end to having any further sort of fun, of course.

It could be worse, a straight hit from behind would have been more damaging for both vehicles involved, and I probably would have been somewhat hurt. On the Jeep Liberty, I punched in a bit of the left side of his back bumper and smashed the left taillight covers.

I suppose one bright part in all this is that when I go to SMU this fall, I’ll be getting the U-pass, which will cover my bus use for September through April. I’ll also get the exercise inherent in the 25-minute walk to my bus stop.

I was going to be walking to the bus at least until December anyway, so if I need to trudge through snow a few more times in January than I would otherwise have, no matter. It’ll remind me to be more careful when I drive.

I ended up meeting Tanya for our outing, which was mostly therapeutic because it helped me put my problems in perspective. Mrs. B. (joining us later for medical reasons and treating us to tea and cake) said she wouldn’t settle for anything less than a PhD from me. It was a helpful vote of confidence. And it was a beautiful, hot day.

You might be asking why I went ahead with the outing, after calling my mom. Well: 1) I was in no shape to be driving anymore, I was more of a wreck than the actual car, and getting off the road as soon as possible was Priority One. 2) After paying so, so dearly for the outing, why not go ahead with it?

Amusingly, one of the chief complaints on Tanya’s part that day was that she went to a pseudo-dollar store downtown and paid $3.19 for a little notebook that she assumed would cost a dollar. I mean to say that she kept bringing it up almost every time there was gap in the conversation. I asked her how long she was going to gripe about it, and she said “I’ll carry it to the grave!” It reminds me of one time when I was babysitting my sisters Ila and Rae and Ila was quite desirous of having just me reading to her with Rae waiting in her own room. Of course Rae was quite happy to be present, which annoyed Ila. I said, “You know, one of you is going to have to compromise.” Ila said, smiling, “Not meeee!” But Ila was 5 at the time.

At least it all makes me laugh.
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