William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson


- I just wanted to say, for the record, that I miss my host family in Ostroh and I'm thankful for all they did for me. Sure, we had our disagreements. Sure, there were times when I was just counting down the days - but really, they let me stay with them for six months. Six! I've been not so nice to them in writing a few times, and I feel bad about that. They should send someone over here to kick my ass, but I know they won't, because they're bigger people than I am.

- I'm wondering how professional it was of me to reveal my workplace many entries ago. But this would be, in my book*, a really cool reason to get fired.

* - Or "in my blog." GET IT?! LOL

- I think about some things too much, but not enough about how I think about things too much, but maybe that's just as well, because I might get into a feedback loop until someone comes along and taps me on the head with an empty water bottle.

- I see the world more objectively when I'm happy.

- I keep dreaming about a time when I have nothing to do. And then the time comes, and I don't want to do all those things I was meaning to do, and I just end up wasting a ton of time.

- We all have these same problems to varying degrees, don't we?

That's all! I just wanted to make that first point especially clear, but I didn't think that would be enough to qualify as a proper entry in a blog that averages 1,000+ words per entry.
Tags: family life, thoughts, ukraine, work

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