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17062 never got off the ground

It was a hard day at the Canadian Idol auditions. I'll just get straight to the point - I bombed out in the first round. This wasn't what I was expecting at all - I was hoping to get to the third round (with the celebrity judges) at the least. But I think I know what I did wrong, and truth be told, I didn't put in the weeks of preparation that I did last year in Charlottetown when I eventually got to be on TV, albeit briefly. Until very recently, I was much too fraught with worry to think about singing. Perhaps it would have been a quicker cure than what actually transpired to snap me out of that funk.

This year they've moved the auditions over to Mic Mac Mall, which I first thought was a good move, but now I'm not so sure:

+ You have many more opportunities to shop or eat or just walk around while you're waiting to audition.

- It makes it all too easy to miss your audition, for those very same reasons, unless you want to sit on the floor by the entrance to The Bay all afternoon.

+ You get to meet a lot of people, including those who aren't competing, such as friends from high school who are just out for some shopping.

- You get to meet a lot of people who aren't competing, notice your Idol paraphernalia, and single you out as a target:

I was sitting on a bench in front of, but not facing, Sports Experts, reading a book and biding my time until my audition.

"Excuse me, sir," a falsetto voice interrupted, "are you trying out for Canadian Idol?"

I looked up to see six black guys in full "gangsta" gear surrounding me. Oh, shit.

"Um, yeah..."

"OH! OH OH!"
"Would you sing us a SONG?"

More taunts like that followed, and since one fellow was beating his fist against his palm, I didn't even consider engaging them in a battle of wits. Instead of singing for them, I stuffed my book into my bag and grabbed my coat and scurried away.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're not going ANYWHERE!!"

Perhaps I shouldn't have been reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Why can't our library stock the adult edition covers? Usually it's not an issue, but... =)

* * *

As for the audition itself, it was a total disaster. I was in a group of only three, and the other two were very young girls from Miramichi. They were very likable, but about as countrified as you could get, and I'm not confident enough to be a bona fide city person on my own. The producer who watched us was a rather unpleasant fellow, although I should add that if I'm not confident enough to preform in front of difficult people, then I had no business being there anyway.

"Is this all for today?" he asked our escort impatiently.

I sang "Tokyo Love Song," which might have been ill-advised. I mean, I opened with "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" last year and did pretty well, but that was back on PEI, where I felt more like myself. (And, again, if I can feel comfortable auditioning on PEI but not in Halifax, I have no business being there in general.)

When I got to the part about Godzilla, I actually screamed "GODZILLA!" as in the song (And what are you supposed to do, anyway? Whisper?). This was a mistake; the producer and assistant flinched visibly and asked me to stop before I even finished the following chorus! So my goose was cooked. Even now I'm still reliving this moment in my mind and wondering how it could have been different.

Anyway, he took none of us, and we all left the trailer. Fortunately, the girls from Miramichi were ecstatic. Good for them!

It was embarrassing to have to pick up my things at my Tier 1 bench which was now filled with attractive people waiting for their Tier 2.

"How'd it go?" a girl asked me as I disentangled my things from hers.
"Oh, well, I bombed out... time to go home and rationalize!" I laughed, and left the area.

I staggered back to my car and fell into it with indulgent bliss. I was back in the safety of my own little world. I securely divulged my frustrations to the automotive upholstery. It didn't judge me. And then something else happened.

So I guess that's all for my report from Canadian Idol. There are three things I'll do differently next year:

1. Come early. "Easy access" aside, coming early on the first day is the only way to guarantee getting a producer who isn't sick and tired of auditions and who may be willing to give you half a chance. It also shows your dedication. I thought that it would be enough to get my rest, be warmed-up and awake, and come in at 3pm and audition at 6. I was wrong.

2. That's it for the novelty music. Even though it's sometimes all I can feel passionate about, I'll be better off picking something just slightly more mainstream. Not totally mainstream, of course. Just a song they've probably heard before.

3. Perhaps I'll actually take... wait for it... singing lessons. The last time I had lessons I was still a soprano. With my ... I mean, I can afford it now.

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willmatheson.com - Photo Series #20: PEI Events (The first seven or so pictures are from the auditions in Charlottetown last year.)

* * *

Yeah, that's the other bit of good news. I got a job at TeleTech! I'll be on their contract with Sprint / Nextel customer service. So there's a good chance, my American friends, that if you have a Sprint or Nextel cellular phone and call customer service and get a "William," it might actually be me. Of course, we won't be able to chat... call 902-877-9455 if you want that. =)

Wait, there's more. I'm going to Montréal the weekend after next (April 21-23). Canada Corps debriefing got moved from Halifax to Montréal, can you believe it? I almost jumped up out of my chair when I read it. So now I'll get to stay in a nice hotel, get Aeroplan miles for flying there, etc.. Best yet, Dave and I will be hanging out, and possibly even Sophie if we're lucky, as Dave says she might be down that weekend. If we pull this off, it means I'll have met up with all but 5 of 17 participants from my first program! It's a small world, isn't it?

And... The Masters... geez, what the heck am I doing sitting here?! See you!

Your Friend,
~ Will
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