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Lately I’ve been reading books like they’ve been going out of style. Actually, they might be. Anyway, with all this extra time on my hands, I’ve almost finished the Heechee series as well as the Harry Potter series. As to the addictiveness of the latter, I can only dub it Harrywin. I have yet to see a writer as good at getting people to turn pages long into the night as J.K. Rowling. You could probably find writers out there that are funnier, wittier, perhaps even more eloquent (though not necessarily elegant) – but to find one who can weave such intricate, gripping plots, I think might be impossible.

I’m now on Goblet of Fire, which, like her other books, keeps you reading until “the next chapter,” or, “whenever a dull part comes along,” or, “whenever the school is on fire and the principal asks [you] to evacuate.” Unfortunately, the dull parts never come, and you often need a scenario similar to a happenstance inferno to get snapped out of reading. As in the second iteration of the Triwizard tournament you may lose things while reading, like friends or your job.

If you ever get the chance to watch the 1971 movie They Might Be Giants, do so. The Library has a copy. I happened upon it at the B’s – they actually hated it, and popped it out after twelve minutes. But I’ve had relatives on PEI diss Amélie in a similar manner, so this has nothing to do with how ‘good’ the movie is. In both cases, it just wasn’t their cup of tea.

They Might Be Giants is… beautiful. I was determined to watch it if only because it inspired the name of my favourite band, and so I took it home, where I discovered that it’s a great movie in its own right. I don’t really have the wherewithal to explain why, but there’s a grocery store scene near the end that’s been restored into the DVD: I challenge anyone who’s watched it to deny me that they didn’t stand up and cheer. I can’t tell you anything more; I’d just spoil it.

So, as you might imagine, I’ve been going to the library a super-lot. It even crept into my nightmares: I remember having a muted, strained argument with a clerk over my miscreant behaviour, including waiting until the last minute to return materials, or just dropping things off at any old location… it’s a debate that probably wouldn’t happen in real life, as those behaviours are both quite legal, but they were inspired by when I called Keshen Goodman on the phone to try and renew They Might Be Giants. I tried to social engineer them, but I didn’t do a very good job (“Uh, I don’t have my… card… with me…”), and when I admitted what I was doing, they told me there was just no way to renew it on behalf of someone else. Strictly speaking, I was probably stretching the rules to be holding the item in the first place. So I got on a late bus and went all the way into town just to return the item. If it were my item, I would have said the heck with it, but since it was the B’s, I didn’t want them to know I’d failed, and even if I gave them the dollar or whatever it would be, it would be a black mark on their record.

Now I’m actually going to try to apply for a job at Keshen Goodman (as well as other branches). I probably don’t have much of a chance, but it’s worth going for. It’s something I should have talked to Krista about, but I’m too embarrassed to talk about what jobs or opportunities I’m looking at unless pressed. I like to play my cards close to my chest. Mostly I just don’t want to be ridiculed, or face the reality that a job prospect might be more complicated than I think it may be. I have a self-defeating way of looking at life right now, and it’ll take me a bit more time to change that…

One thing I’m thinking of, educationally speaking, is that it might be (I’m kind of hooked on this modal verb tonight) a good idea to get my Honours in English, even if I don’t really want to go to graduate school. It’s a step that opens up more doors while making existing doors easier to open, so it’s a good idea no matter what I end up doing. I also think I’d be happier in the end. I’d like to be able to snuff out “undereducated” as a reason for putting myself down. I still remember a PEI family friend’s sarcastic snort: “Oh! That’s impressive!” when I said I had been taking four years to get a three-year degree, mostly for financial reasons.

In any case, I need to stop looking for shortcuts and get out and do what I need to do - when I figure out what that is. (You might deduce from the title that I'm getting a new dangerous idea, which I'd like to pursue withing the comfortable confines of an educational institution on an extra-curricular basis. I've never done it before, but back then I didn't see the need to, and I wrote only when it suited me. Here's the one big article I did write.)

I’ve been wanting to go to PEI for a while now, but I’m frustrated because I can’t see how I can get the timing perfectly right. Maybe I should just give that up and go anyway, and see what happens.

Anyway, I’d better go write that cover letter. I’ve been notwriting enough for one night. Ye gads, that first application is due in ten hours!
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