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I've had some interesting outings lately. Last night I went out with Carla and Dan's gang for bingo and karaoke. There's a whole bingo subculture going on all around us that we hardly knew existed. At first we were quite lost, but we got a little more savvy as the night progressed. None of us won anything; we were all playing on a $5 package that included three cards for each of the 14 house games. If we were up for it, we could have been playing games such as Superstar which are done on CCTV with bingo halls all across the province. Imagine that, eh? "There's a winner in Yarmouth and a winner in Glace Bay," 301km and 420km from the Forum, respectively. Small world.

I had an appointment for tests yesterday, way out in Cole Harbour. That meant a 25-minute walk to the 80, taking the 80 to Cobequid Terminal, waiting for and boarding the 87 to Bridge Terminal, getting on the 59 and riding to eastern extremity of its line, and then finally walking another ten minutes. Start and finish: no sidewalks. From the boonies to the boonies: 1 hour 50 minutes. Coming back into Halifax to meet up with Jessica was a comparative cinch; the lady drove me back to Portland Hills Terminal, where I caught the 159 Link which turned practically all the lights to green as it approached them, all the way back to Scotia Square. It was sweet, and the bus itself was quite comfortable, but I was disappointed that we only had about 5 people on board at the peak of the run. I hope the Link is here to stay, but it might have all the longevity of VIA Turbo.

I was glued to the curling, but since I have the knowledge of a come-lately who's never played (hey Carla, I've got an idea for your next get-together!), I'll leave the punding to the pundits.

On a sad note, we think we may have lost Mistoffolees, our cat. He didn't come in last night, but he didn't come in today either, and Mom found blood and tracks in the snow at our neighbours'. Maybe we'll still find him, but it doesn't look very encouraging.

More NYC stuff still to come, then I'll officially close the Blog Of Recent (Travel) Experiences, or BORE for short.
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