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The Meaning of Life

Wow. I finally got down to the B's tonight. We watched Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. I don't know what all the fuss was about - some of it felt like it was absurd just for the sake of being absurd. There were a few good sequences, though, and the production values were good compared to other examples of the genre. I really enjoyed the opening piece and the catholic-spoofing bits, but sequences like "Where's the fish?" just left me scratching my head. Equally pointless was the capital punishment sequence, in which the punishee is run off a cliff by topless girls. It was my favorite part of the movie (as I deemed when the credits rolled), but for all the wrong (or right) reasons.

But maybe this is one of those films that grows on you. I feel like I want to watch it again, even though at first I was questioning the humour. I grant that it wasn't quite what I expected after hearing "Monty Python this," and "Monty Python that" for so many years.

You know, the clocks and cake sequence was pretty good, too. I could get addicted to this. I guess it's like coffee; it usually doesn't taste that great, but once you start drinking it...

Catherine's finishing up an opera recital series tomorrow, so I'll run back into town and catch the last show. In that case, I'd better get to sleep, but first...
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