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Voice Post: last post from Ukraine

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“Hello, hello. This is my last LiveJournal post from Ukraine. I'm on the phone at Boryspil next to the departures... thing. I'm alone here with stuff, I... I got food poisoning last night. Uh, I… oh, I gotta… oh, I don’t even want to think about it. It was like… it was like Ukraine giving me a little bit of a kick in the teeth on the way out as, as… as, uh, its- its, uh- uh, the food poisoning is the answer to my attudies about Ukraine as the Hurricane Katrina is the answer to George Bush’s environmental policies. Uh, apologies for offending my American friends.

Um, so yeah, I’m pretty… uh, dead and our flight’s in forty minutes, and… but yeah, I’ve had a pretty good time: I had a really good time in Poland, a really good time in Ostroh just for the day or two there. I’ll write about it when I get to Kitchener. I’m going to Uncle Bill and Aunt Jesse’s when I get off the plane, but right now… ohhh, I’m just dead. But thank you for all for, for… [unclear] my experiences over the years, over the months, and, uh, take good care. Bye-bye. Local time is… 6:15am.”

Transcribed by: nova_one
Tags: air travel, best of ukraine, cwy, food poisioning, illness, phone posts, travel, ukraine

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