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I'm fortunate to have a few more seconds to pen an entry before I have to get in gear again. I was going to talk about how I think I lost my grad pack tickets at the SMUDS end-of-year thing, which I'll talk about in my next entry. I took them out to show to Erin, and I guess I didn't put them back in my backpack. However, I can get replacements for no charge because they took everyone's names down, which is a kick-ass idea and I thank Shane profusely for it. I'll wait until I get know and I know for sure that I lost them before asking for replacements.

So, I was going to talk about that, but then I noticed that my disk that I put my résumés and cover letters on, is missing. It's probably in a computer in another lab. How utterly stupid of me. The disk wasn't on my mind because it was just there in case I couldn't download the e-mail that I sent to myself containing the documents.

The job hunt begins today. Just now I mailed an introduction and application to a mother of an autistic child who is looking for a companion / caregiver, something which I feel I have unique qualifications for. And in about 30 seconds, I'm going to put in my application to ITSS. I made up a special résumé just for them, using a Word template. It looks pretty sweet; I should have done this years ago. Up until now my résumé was just a modified version of a Grade 12 HTML assignment.

I've had a lot to say lately. Well, I gotta please my fans.

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