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Farewell to Ostroh

(written December 20th, will be on our team website)

Winter is here and the snow has come, turning Ostroh into a pageant jewel. Strollers are passé; parents are pulling their children about on runner sleds.

And here I sit on the eve of my departure, thinking about my program and this incomparable host community. What did we do right? What could we have done better? What more could I have learned? The questions are virtually moot now insofar as they pertain to a pilot project that is by nature unrepeatable, but they provide valuable self-analysis, which in the end is what CWY programs are really about anyway.

Ostroh and this program are both so valuable and integral crucibles for the shape and nature of my personality and spirit that I cannot distinguish where one begins and the other ends.

On some dark days I like to think I’ll kiss the ground when I return to Canada. On brighter days I thank my luckiest stars for this incredible opportunity.

So it is with a blessed ambivalence that I say goodbye to Ostroh, so long my second home. Though we will go our own ways, we will always have a piece of Ostroh with us. Do zustrichi!

Update with substance tomorrow, including the stories of one arrival, two farewells, and a crazy new idea. Soon you will also see the connection between a lunchbox and culture shock. I wanted to write these things up today but I got sidetracked - there are so many things going on now. By the way, the website has photos! I should have mentioned it before.
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