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(written December 19th)

I had an amusing discussion with some of the NetCorps team about laundry, and Olivier suggested that I string up some rope in my room. That sounds like an idea! No snow-covered shorts for me! I was going to ask my host family tonight about what they had in mind in terms of hanging clothes indoors, but in light of what happened I think I’ll defer it.

This morning I found the door locked*, but this time there was a key left for me. Oh, last time the door was locked, I mistakenly assumed I was locked in – Roman heard me pounding on the door to attract the attention of someone outside who I thought might have been my host father – so he got up from his sleep and opened the door. What I should have done was checked to see if anyone else was home, but the place was so silent that it didn’t occur to me, and I haven’t stepped into the bedrooms area the entire time I’ve been here.

* - Things missed about Canada #10,001: Locked doors that can be opened from the inside without a key. Heck, it’s a matter of safety!

So this time I thought (wrongly) that maybe someone was here asleep and didn’t want to be woken up. I should have checked the rooms or simply locked the door behind me, but I didn’t want to do the former and I didn’t want to do the latter without doing the former (what if I locked somebody in?!), so I unlocked the door, left the key where it was, and departed.

Boy, were my host mother and sister ever unimpressed tonight. First words: “Will, why you...” and it went downhill from there. My host mother made all and sundry heated exclamations that my host sister didn’t lift a finger to translate, apparently assuming I ought to understand Ukrainian by now.

So I guess when the door’s locked and I see a key, it will have been left there for me, and I’m to lock the door behind me and put the key under the rail. When there isn’t a key, I’m to search the house for someone to let me out. Maybe it seems obvious to my consternated host family, but it wasn’t to me. Don’t worry – with the exception of Roman, they’re so very cold and harsh that I’ll never forget this lesson, or any of the others. It’ll just be at the cost of any connection after this program is over.

Note from today: I’m not nearly so stressed out now that a night has passed. Last night was extremely stressful, but the end is near and I’m not going to bear these crosses all the way back home (or even to Kyiv). I wrote this, though, so I might as well post it, since I feel this way so many times. I don’t like my host family’s way of resolving problems; but thankfully most of their problems are with each other and all I have to listen to is the unintelligible yelling.
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